Update 2.2.1

What was this update 2.2.1 about?

what improvements did it bring? I saw the 3 d rotation of the King in inventory section, or for other kings also in the attack mode.

is there any hidden feature after this upgrade?


officialy : no hidden features, only blacksmith event

off the record : i did hear rumours that there s a new hidden monster : the gem eater. On random occasions it eats all your hard earned gems , and persuades you to buy new ones because it’s hungry

Nothing new, only fixes for Huawei devices.

P.S:: The 3D rotation of the king has been always there ^^

Lol, how small things became an amazement if you don’t know em!



I don’t want to ban you again KeyMen.
We don’t want to have informations about “bug advantages” in the forum.


well fix the damm bugs then