Update 2.2

Well guys,the update 2.2 has been released. I know some of you have not it yet in the store. No worries,you’ll get it soon.

Share your opinion about it  :wink:

We will be able to see the new war matchmaking tomorrow. Can’t wait to see if it change anything. As long as fiefdom are not that important in the algorithm. Right now, every alliance tries to win with the least fiefdom or to lose all by dropping players.

I can not comment on the changes yet - they seem very complex - but one thing is very obvious:

You should have improved the group Chat!…not made it worse. Now we have even less screen space, no possibility to get rid of the Players list, still no improvement in length of message… Maybe add an option for Text Size? Oh, and editing, of course!

I honestly don’t like the reduction of the chat i’d have prefer you guys put the info “i” icon and the online/offline status near the name when someone speak already incorporated in the chat =)

Well personally i got it and I can say that i like the way we can speed up the upgrade of spells,waves,troops and buildings by watching videos. It’s good indeed. Also recruiting players is easier now thanks to some filters we can select. Previously it was really boring finding players. 

Please add a key button for Windows Users on PC for Insta-Troops. We can’t waste time aiming with the cursor on the Insta-Troops to summon it like as we were phone users that can touch here and there! Thanks!

Also it’s time to reduce the size of icons in generals , everything is big as hell, even the girl now is fat!  -_-

I am not sure whether or not I understand the new war matchmaking system. When the system is based on members inside the team plus based on the activity of those members, the only way to prevent cheating is to exclude effects that have impact to the calculation. 

And these are:

  • New members joining after start of the season.
  • Inactive members that ‘suddenly’ become active again

To exclude these effects, I hope there is a constraint that says that new members plus players suddenly becoming active again, can’t participate at all during that season. Let’s stay positive, I welcome the change to the war matchmaking system. That our seasons become more hard I take for granted. I only hope that the crashes just before CoF are over now.

Speeding up upgrades is a nice feature, only I hope they solve the problem for players who reside in countries without videos. Not everyone has videos available yet and the gap only grows due to this. The possibility to speed up upgrades is a step in the right direction. How often I have to go to work and the upgrade just need some littlebit time before an upgrade is ready. This will be handy and prevent boringness.

Uber chests can contain uber items. So there is still a chance that there is no uber item inside the chest?


The war system is the most important point. Let’s see tomorrow if anything positive has changed. I’m very curious about it.

You are not the only one looking forward to it. Win or lose will not matter, I hope it’s fun. I think the speedup is also great, less time of boringness and with the option to double gold (after big wins) it becomes interesting.

On widnows pc I got a notification about not sure what as it was in language I don’t know depsite the game is in Polish. Bug ?

petition: return the ability to remove unwanted friends!
fg adds the unstoppable-adding-friends via facebook connect
now my friend list is a mess and i can’t re-organize mine cos fg remove that ‘remove friends’ option after v.2.2.0. -_-
sometimes fb connect adds bullies, jerks, we don’t want them as friends who can look inside our bases, and then launch multiple strikes daily, and we can not stop them now from doing their sick behavior! >.<

Hey Mag,

This is known, it was related to testing, don’t mind it :grinning:

The Uber chests give you items with double uber-perks, so no scream/leadership/gold, but two times the same unit (the case I saw attackpower and health arblaster) and no way to get the third perk when forged. Is this intended? If so, if you are lucky enough to find skullperk, will both be able to hit 6% and would you be able to get 36% skullbonus?

I also don’t really like the new chat however, the list of members and who’s online next to the chat is useful as well. Though I would preffer bigger chat window. I also think we should be able to PM any alliance member without adding them to the friend list, taking into account we need friends to donate troops to us, it is a waste to put alliance members on yoru friend list, however it is essential for generals/leaders to communicate in PM with members.

If facebook friend bug is still there, I’m not really inetersted in connecting to fb, you said it will be fixed with this update.

Btw, so far with max alliance tower I have 10 unit slots, does it mean I will get 2 slots by connecting to fb ? Some of my friend have 12 but the only option left for me is to connect to fb.

One is connecting to FB, the other is having three friends that play the game. Don’t know if there is a 13th, since I made a dummy FB to log in.

i wish Flare give uber chest in war too.  :wink:


How to shorten duration of upgrades by watching a video ? There’s no video option on my upgrade list.

@Mag dont go from update list. go to the particular tower u want to upgrade , then click on red icon(upgrade one). now it will show the video option  :grinning:

Hmm. you mean that red/pink arrow on a green background meaning finishing immediately the upgrading ? Kind of scared to press it in case I lose gems. Can’t see any other option.