Update 2.5


Here you can discuss the newest version of Royal Revolt 2, the Ninja Apocalypse!

not released yet in india


I think we have a reduced war frequency.

The island concept is more of Olympus Rising game.

how we update?


It will alternate between ninja and war. Basically, we will have 50% less wars. 

Honestly, i’m happy with that. It was kind of getting repeatitive. War, event, war, event, war, etc…

wait till it appears in your store :slight_smile:


Did iOS us receive it?


But I think from now on, will be cramped, event ends, ninja event or war starts then immediately another event. That’s better. No boring days in between. With this update, I am expecting to see fewer open bases :lol: 

So we can’t do any ninja stUff at all until the ninja event on friday. Correct? 

All we can do then is dress up like a princess?

Yes, the ninjas related content will be available starting on Friday :grinning:

Hopefully Ninja  event will be optional. 


You do not have to participate, though it might bring nice rewards :slight_smile:

bug bug bug in windows mobile platform…

downloading stuck in 0% ir 1%


Rewards are nice indeed but the part where we fight the ninjas might be ugly and cost gems depending on skills and level 

i can’t able to download nooo… Please help me alysea… N not even me my mate who downloaded in lumia :slightly_frowning_face:

after update it stuck in downloading inside game :slightly_frowning_face:

Not yet available on windows phone in my country.