Update 2.5

So as of now there is nothing new in the update . That we can actually do besides using princess model? 



Ups I quoted wrong message :stuck_out_tongue:

As i understood there are new weapons, maybe bows. Idk just saying

Most important question:

Will that Ninja Event on Friday be a Team Event?

Alysea why aren’t you replying me… My downloading is stuck in 0%

i have high speed 3G network…

Have all the platforms received the update?



Maybe try to download it with Wifi? Also, do you have enough space on your device? Both on the main memory and on the SD card.

The update is still propagating among the platforms and countries, so it might still take some time depending on your platform/location.


The event is a single player event as you fight on your own, but there is a multiplayer competitive aspect, as you can compete against other players to earn rewards.

Also, no there is nothing yet regarding the update besides the customization of your character and new weapons, the Ninjas content will be fully revealed on Friday.

when will it release on Android and ios ?



I got the update in the windows store here in Canada and can see the announcement of the new update on i0S asking to download the new update however when the app store opens the only option I have is to open the game but as Alsea says the update may not be available to everyone right away.

I like the new options of the Ninja war at least we can earn some more chests for and pearls for needed upgrades + the addition of a new troop.

Kinda mean to do a countdown and hyping it up so much then on the release day nope… 4 More days :confused:

Thanks for clarifying a bit, Alysea  :grinning:

That means my Alliance will do only half the fighting in the future? Sounds dissapointing…


Alysea where r u…hell u making me sick… M stuck n m not able to download inside game…

need fix update as soon as possible,…

@gokulzz I answered you here :grinning:

i have 2gb in my phone storage n 12 gb in sd storage… N m using 3G high speed netwrk… I update game in second and inside game stuck in 0%… I will cry Alysea… M in diamond league need to win in an hour hell


This is more likely caused by your connection.

It is recommended to use a stable Wifi connection to download the update.

So basically, the higher you are in the leaderboard, the harder the event will be but stronger your rewarded ninja will aslo be.

Not yet on ios?

It will depend on the leaderboard tier which is based on your amount of trophies.

The higher is your amount of trophies, the harder the event will be, but the higher level will be the ninjas. :slight_smile:

wow the ninjas are fantastic. when it will come in italy?


Alysea i tried w/ wifi still not downloading stuck in 0%… I m gonna quit this game i guess

i m using windows phone… I will lose my accnt if i reinstall it again… And not only me my frnds have same prblm in windows phone… Need fix update as soon as possible