Update 2.5

Reboot your device and try again.


Is the game installed on the main memory of your device or your SD card?

If it is installed on the SD card, try to move it to the main memory and download the update there.

Also, please wait a few minutes, as the update might start after a longer time.

phone memory i installed rr2 n i have 1.91 gb free in phone memry

i have to win diamond league only 1 hour remaining hell for this bug i shall lose

Please keep the game open and loading during a few minutes (10/15 minutes) as it might start downloading the update by then.

i reboot n done everything possible things but not happening… I guess i m done… :slightly_frowning_face: go 2 hell of the sick update

Sorry to say but i have kept 15-30 min in downloading after 1% it start from 0% n stuck in it.

With the specific trophy requirements for each level, this will open new business for us. After opening friend chest using dummy accounts for some gems, now we can offer to dump trophies for some gems too, yay!!

See, Flare can be kind too, they create more way for us to earn gems  :wub:

When I click on the video icon inside the reward it’s saying the video is private

please make it public




if not fixed our prblm please remove Rr2 from windows phone 8.1 platform…

I did not get any update yet , whyy 

last time i got it during war and i was mad .


Goodbye MONK BASES they worth nothing now =/

Im still waiting, no update on andro in Indonesia

when i will get the update. I’m excited :rolleyes:

NO MORE RR2 for me now… Goodbye

Do you tested it?

o yes i check the store and see the update. Ninjas i’m arriving

and remember flare… This is not only my prblm its all windows phone 8.1 prblm or 10 too i guess…

Please fix this give us a bug fix update :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes i have 117% xp perk i raided a base full of 4 monks each wave i got barely 200xp instead of the usual 700k-800k

it’ll be replaced by ninja base soon  :wink: