Update 2.6

Here you can discuss the changes with the new update, the version 2.6 which got released today.

Dizzy Font please change it immediately!


In other words, the more ninja/zombie coins we create as a team, the more defensive ninjas/zombies we get. Isn’t this in advantage of teams with 60 members? They can get more coins just because they have more members. It will help to get more coins.

It’s nice to see how far others go, but I am afraid that some leaders will abuse this feature. We will see that they demand players of their team to participate, make sure to scroll, get all coins from coF and beat every island. In my team that’s not going to happen :grinning: .  So we actually can see ninjas fight ninjas I can conclude after this?

It would be unfair to have just 1 member spending also have pearl rewards vanished?

Ninja event should have been a single player event with no connection to the alliance or its members. Jack s correct when he says people (leaders) will try to abuse the system and make use of the bugs/weakness in FG’s planning. Players will be told to scroll to get max. ninja coins (means more $$$$$ for FG). I guess war system was enough for this. 

At least when it was an individual event, I could have my luxurious time to attack the islands, and if something important came up I could decide not take part anymore. Here, the whole alliance will be affected by my participation. 

Tying everything to alliance is bad. At this rate, we might have to welcome Ninja Coin Perk.

Also ideas about bonus points for no scrolling are bad, you cannot change the way a person raids. 

The font has been changed in order to support Chinese symbols.

There is no plans to change it for now, as the previous font was not great for Chinese. :grinning:

The rewards of the event remain the same, there are just additional Alliance rewards.

And you can see the Alliance rewards by going to the rewards screen, then tapping on the banner.

The amount of Defense Zombie depends on the Alliance tower level and the path length.  :grinning:

And btw on windows you guys still have the problem of z-index of the various visual effects that go over other elements:

and the same thing goes for some buttons for the friend uber chest…

But then do not allow alliance members to see how its other members are doing. Its ok to get a combined chests. Please include uber chest at some level. 


So I assume it is individual + alliance?

What About Arial or Monotype as font? Isn’t better? And moreover these two should be available also for chinese language.

Yes, you still have the individual rewards and in addition to this you have Alliance ones.

Choice has been made, there must be a reason for this.

I wonder what we get on defense and at what strength or is that determined on your own level that you participated in as a player.

Say a team manages to get enough coins for three ninjas/zombies. I participated in 4k layer for example. So do I get defensive troops at strength of 4k layer?

And… members of the team that didn’t do a single raid also are rewarded with defensive troops? Since defense becomes more strong by these troops, do we get additional time to raid?

That is great news. :slight_smile:  


Will this crash??

Let’s hope that isn’t the case. A zombie/ninja still alive when the gate goes down is hopefully not causing a crash similar like doomgate.

Pretty much like Alliance Wars, some keep grinding, scroll raids to win it for the alliance, while some just sit under the sun, having a chilled drink and enjoying the war boosts.

Why is it showing 19d 3 h in the alliance chart?

No, the current crash issues will be fixed with the server update tomorrow.

The Zombie level will depend on the level of the Zombies you earned as personal rewards.

And for the timer, more likely a bug. :grinning:

Ok so no Uber Chests.

1,187 k receives rare magic chests

2,375 k receives Epic

3,562 k legendary

4,750 k defensive zombies

where is uber chests…?