Update 25/02/2015

Hey everyone,


Today’s update to version 1.7.0 includes new features and balance changes. It has been officially released across all platforms.


Here is what’s new for 1.7.0:


• Become Alliance General to help manage your Alliance:


  1. To promote a regular member to General, click on your Alliance’s member list and open the info card of the player you want to promote. Click on “promote” to make a regular member General. You can  also demote them later.
  2. Generals can: Invite other players into an Alliance, approve or disapprove applications, kick other members of lower rank, upgrade the Alliance, activate and upgrade Elite Boosts using Alliance gold.
  3. You can have as many generals as you want.


• Support your Alliance through new ways of donating:


  1. Players can now skip the donation cooldown using gems.


• Bugfixes:


  1. Fixed a bug where players would sometimes not receive rewards after battle.

• Other:


  1. Alliance max member number increased to 55.
  2. Implemented countermeasures to prevent in-game gem transfers.

Thank you for these great News! :slight_smile:

IOS shows 1.7.1 ?


The numbering differs slightly for iOS. It is the same version content-wise though.

Whats new with the elite boosts jona?

We cant see any diffrent.

This update is avaible now for windows phone 8.1?

WP8.1 Russia, updated to 1.7.0

Which exact stats was changed on boosts?

flare u call this update…Nothing new inside?

I see that you can skip the time to donate again by paying gems: in my case 100 gems to skip.

100 gems to skip Ahahaha


No thanks, i prefer to wait. Only for rich people that pay every day or every month can do this.


So another wrong step versus free player. Sorry Flaregames, but i will never pay 100 gems that is a lot to skip for only few hours to skip.



  1. The button which indicate the level of Alliance has been deleted now it show only the current level you are, you can’t watch what  you will unlock or how many gold you have to reach. Now how can i know what i will unlock next? Wrong Step Flare.


  1. Elite boost even stronger so i have to pray all saints to defeat a base boosted? Wrong Step Flare (Elite Boost Dungeon has not been touched). Edited


  1. Spend 750  gems to have 4M gold. Also for the spendthrift it’s a lot of gems to have only 4M that i can do in 4 days if one have alliance tower 11. But probably you don’t want what it’s the meaning of earning gems on computer, which is 10x difficult than on another device. Wronge step Flare. Edited

You made elite boosts even stronger :slightly_frowning_face:

Hum…100 gems for skip and donate again? Its a fake?!


Regarding 1: I will check if this was intended

Regarding 2: The Dungeon difficulty was intentionally lowered with the last server update. The changes to the Elite Boosts in this version do not affect the Dungeon

Have the changes for the elite boost being implemented ? or need to wait for server update? I don’t see any difference with elite boost ?

Thanks for clarify.

When we Will have the Wars alliances?

The graphic is now lower:(((((



What exactly do you mean? A screenshot would be very helpful.

What about Alliance wars??? Jona

Towers max, spells max, waves soon max

Bored, please make update so we can fight as a team.