Update 25/02/2015

Dang. I was hoping for massive changes. No Alliance wars, no additional farm levels, no Windows free food, no talk of changes to trophy dumping system, no real playoff-style tournaments, and so on.

I noticed the real money alliance donation was raised one dollar. Used to be 3.99 now is 4.99

For me mor levels = more attack :slight_smile:

So flare games want add the aspect pay to win? :slightly_frowning_face:

Refrained commenting about knights and update properly till now having tried it, yes Knights were strong against barricades, maybe just a little too strong, but this nerf has hit them hard, they are less than half as effective as they were previously, hit too hard I think. If you are going to nerf anything nerf battlecry, thats the OP spell at the moment, when used with knights and archers bases were too easy, you have introduced the wrong solution in my opinion, do any of you actively play this game?. It was possible to take down a high level base with knights and archers scroll free, but only by the very best, which I for one respect. Add a few battlecrys in and most competent kings can do the same, this ‘upgrade’ will mean that we all use more scrolls, the difference between an excellent raider and Mr Average will be one or two battlecrys. Flare, you’ve addressed the symptoms but not provided a cure.

really amaze w/ this new update! no more good skill required! u just need to scroll more! great game!

The next update u will be says :

Knight lvl +1

Archer lvl +1

Cannon lvl +1


And then, next update u “Nerf” again…

Ohh come on… thats not “Update” but “Going Nowhere”

Thanks… :slight_smile:

No nerf the heal in the next update please!! :slightly_frowning_face:

I agree they continue to Up and down up and down up and down the things. Please now start to implement new real things. Thanks.

 I never said nerfing knights was good. What people have said is that the game is too grindy, even on the link they provided on facebook top 10 tower defense games, the reviewer said the game was too grindy and he quit. Progression on his king would have made it feel less grindy as you level up you gain a small stat boost and you gain some more power all be in a slight boost. You also gain access to new, more powerful gear which again costs gems and will make flare more money.


Another thing people have been saying is that the hero was become weaker overall as the troops gain more levels and get stronger. Giving the hero more levels means he would be getting buffed up and it would also promote playing the game verses actually just buying gems and spending money.


Even if the level 120 king quit he spent a shit load of money getting to level 120(flare likes money…who doesnt) and maybe if they had a new max level he would come back and buy 10 more levels again and provide flare games with more money. Or, someone else would buy levels again to try and reach the new max level which would again give flare a tons of money. All it takes is one person going to max level or buying levels. 


Getting to level 120 level currently probably would cost upwards of $5000 if you increase it to say 130 then max money would be like $6000 for someone insane enough to max it out. 

Can anyone confirm that this update is available in the windows store? I have not seen it yet

Level up the king cost nothing if you have patience inside you!

i have downloaded from windows store

I had to manually force it to check for updates on WP 8.1 - just going to the app’s page in the store didn’t make it refresh.

Store -> Settings -> Check for Updates


Thankyou very much for the advice! I was starting to get anxious =)


@jona: the only way to destroy tough barricade is using elite knight and now it’s nerfed. This is so imbalance. Adding more pay to win aspect is not a good move. I have decided to quit now. No more room for me to compete.

I can only hope my opinion as a leader of a top alliance might get Flare to listen.


You screwed up with this last release!


The game is WAY TOO DEFENSIVE!!!    I have a maxed base and NO ONE attacks me because they CAN’T WIN unless they waste a bunch of gems attacking me.


I don’t attack top bases because I CAN’T WIN either unless I spend a bunch of gems.  I feel like an idiot throwing my money away to get some small victory over one person. 


I only attack bases 400-500 trophies below me.  This can’t be the game you want.  This game only works if offense is at parity with defense.  Nerfing Elite Knights is a big blow to that.


Will you listen to reason?  I can only hope.

On the whole, I’m in agreement with JRR. I’m reading and receiving comments from the best raiders in the game that revolve around a single theme: the Flaming Knight nerf has painted the entire game into a corner. As JRR mentioned: 1) No one wants to attack him, because if they do even the best among them MUST scroll not to lose - and by lose I mean give up at least twice the number of trophies they stand to win. Given the low probability of unaided success, most choose to simply walk away. 2) Even those with “must scroll” bases are reluctant to attack their competitors, because the trophy stakes are even higher and there is a virtual necessity to scroll. To win - at all - the very best have to spend currency. Not food, mind you: *premium currency*. The only “premium” aspect about it is many of them have been purchased with real money. So what happens? The path of least resistance is followed: raid lower, raking negligible trophies from weaker opponents. I don’t play this way; but many are being forced into a predicament like this. In effect, a defensive standoff is being created that is already starting to freeze the leaderboard and discourage raiding. That, more than anything, will create boredom and frustration - not a good thing to deliver when players have been eagerly anticipating and counting on the opposite for 2.5 months (incidentally, the longest time between versions/updates in the history of the game).   I’m a strong advocate of revisiting and rebalancing today’s changes.  Dissatisfaction has come and gone with changes before, but understand well: the gameplay has changed this time such that there’s really nowhere to tactically adapt toward.   Sn1kt