Update 3.8.1

@Nikko I went to my App store and surfed my computer for updates. App Store couldn’t find anything. I have Windows 10 PC. Has it not come out yet?

No update in Microsoft Store for win10 pc.


edit: update is not available on windows10

Cannot find it on Apple store either

And BTW, why still no range circle for jester boxes?

Pretty sure the range is 1.5 tiles. The tile the box is in, then one half into the next lane and one half into the previous lane

any news @Nikko

I noticed you ran away as soon as I posted this topic lol. I know that wasn’t intentional though

Range can be perked,so it is not static. 

Edit: Updating now, thanks for the help Nikko LOL


Vicious Bucky has speed and special damage mixed up.

That’s not new

Frosty Fritz is Dungeon Keeper? ?


And the Windows freeze with creators version is still in there???.  Come on, just install that windows release and keep the game active for five minutes. And there is the freeze and in eventviewer the deadlock on geolocation. 

I find it hard to believe that this reproducable bug isn’t solved yet.


The penguin will only come out to play in snowy landscapes.

Well, big woop?

(I wonder if the sale of this penguin was that bad they decided to add this pale to the landscape to make it somewhat useful…)

and for monk. flare can u add this back ? 

Never had range circle for troops. Just defensive buildings on placement.

but monks had range of healing. some time ago flare removed it

I just aware also that the Healing Range is removed, and the “Range” shown in stat is Attack Range. Hopefully FG can showing the Healing Range because forge option still available for Healing Range.

It’s incredible that your Ceres beast has already reached level 6.

My upgrade of a firebolt tower 9 is stuck with no progression, 2d1h.

Is it a new bug ? My player name is Met8ora. Can someone help ?

Why is that? It only costs 19k pet food…