Update 3.8.2


Seems like it’ only on Windows Store for now.

but what’s new ? i had it too and ithought it was a late update

How??? When??? For what??? I am confused ?

I came in and saw 3.8.2 in the corner. What’s new?

Probably they fixed some more what they thought they fixed last time.

The freeze on geolocation is stil in there. Annoying to wait 5-10 minutes after connection for the freeze, since it might cost you a raid when it happens during a raid. Also a freeze after playing pro league and trying alliance chat still not fixed.


Hmm, lazy updates as usual. No news here. And yes, of course we will get info on updates asap. This has been promised enough times to make it a automated reply from FG’s admin/devs etc.

Oddly enough my alliance members report the update only being made available for Windows OS be is Windows Desktop or Windows Mobile Phone…

maybe because it  crashes when opening the raid menu i had it for 1 day i think and after that update it didn’t crash 

It is sad Flare can not even drop a few lines and tell us what is going on with this update.

Also it looks like nobody is really responsible for this job since March/April of last year. Lack of professionalism.

I saw it in the Windows Store on Saturday as well and came here to see if there was any news of what this update was about. But found no announcement.

Windows Store shows it as version
While in the game it shows as 3.8.2.

So probably they fixed a fix from 3.8.1 that wasn’t really fixed?

Well, it’s Monday so maybe some sleepyhead dev/admin or someone in the known could tell us the ‘dirty details’ of update 3.8.2 for Windows.

Still I would not be holding my breath though, you might I mean that’s your choose but you might get blue in the face.


Impressed, I am Impressed…

Or perhaps not so much. Bummer, had hoped some additional info had been disclosed by now.


I do not understand what’s going on with Fllare lately? they have changed the team? and now there work extroverts, which can not contact people in connection with their features?

That’d be introverts actually but yeah. Flare’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing (or something like that).

I’m sorry, I made a mistake! thanks for fixing

No prob. :slight_smile: (though I’ve just blown my chances at a career at flaregames - they have no need for people who actually fix things :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, we did get an update “Live server update - 25 Januari 2018” yet nothing of this mysterious v3.8.2 for Windows 10…

Did some developer push the wrong button or something delivering us this update? Are the developers on massive sick leave and forgot to tell management the chances they made?

This actually isn’t the last thing that could’ve happened. The flu has been going around

It is impossible to play attacking the 60-70 levels of the alliance the game closes and I lose all the cups to the opponent. Please help.

It’s small change to date on front screen change from 2017 to 2018 needs to be done and that’s it