Update 3.8 Live.

Hello everyone! RR2 v3.8 is now live! Share your feedback & thoughts in this thread only! :slight_smile:

Как жертвовать билеты?

I hate it, lol! At least one particular part of it…

Pre Update:


Post Update:

In my case, for example, that’s 1 granted pal, 1 uberchest, 1 legendary gem chest and some other chests all getting overwritten by some green gem chests. Others who had just started their personal daily rewards table recently will instead have their grey “junk” chests upgraded to green gem chests.

@Nikko @flaretara should those affected like me now file tickets for compensation of those “robbed chests”?

And I saw the announcement regarding taverns just got fixed… used to say hourly production of 1x lvl 20 tavern is 1.5m, now says daily production of 4x lvl 20 taverns is 1.5m… so roughly a 30% increase to before. Initial wording sounded too much to be believeable, now makes more sense…

For the Pro boosts looking forward to see them in action, although we will have to see how the pro boost and ticket donating stuff works out in practice.


I guess I was lucky then. I just collected the last uber pal chest right before the update.

My chest cycle was just 1 day ahead! :grin: I guess FG is in a mood to rob me today, 20+ tries on Omega Ring, Granny scam, and now this :stuck_out_tongue:

Flare rocks at math… So the tavern shows 15k gold per hour but when you boost it 5x it becomes 78k gold per hour haha

I just checked with some alliance members and some still have the last uber chest.

Maybe the amount of “new gem chests” has a fixed number (like 6 or 7) and they just replace the next 6-7 days. After that, the regular chests start again.


I think true regular value is 15.6k per hour. Would also fit the 1.5m total daily regular production more, for 15.0k it would only be 1.44m, 15.6k yields 1.497m or so.

The real number is 15 625.

Oh so it’s decimals there as well 

The Battle Progress update is still not working. I’ve just attacked a guy with 2 towers near the gate. The gate is down and I got 65%, which supposed to be 98%.

Or do I have to wait for my opponent to update to 3.8 too?

At one point the Battle Progress was mention for skulls in War, maybe its only for Skulls?


Since the update is not available for everyone yet, some feature has not been implemented for now.

Ok I read the announcement again. No mention for skulls only. But Nikko did edited his second post: Full content of the update will be available when everyone update their game. So let’s wait.

Hi All …  @Nikko @Archimedes

Just raid a base with only 2 towers at the gate… I destroyed 1 tower…however raid was only count for 83 %  . New recalculation seems not working .please check . Thanks in Advance

Please read the posts above your own post.

The Meltdown button in the CoF chests is a very welcome addition, IMO. :slight_smile: