Update 3.8 Live.





guys please carefully explain about new loser bonus

i dnt need other stuff explanation, but this lb is very matter for wars, we need xlearly understand what to do


this pals exchange to money…

Its clear its for VL only, cuz VL only have 3 max beasts

vl have like 7 bln of gold in treaaure

we prolonged 47 subs now and will be 55-60 in a few days

its mean soon we will have like 15 bln in a treasure

but we need increase totall count of pals to get  beasts boost.


and u offer us 1000 000 per 1 pal? Really?

you think we need this gold?


can you explain it?

We will provide a detailed explanation next week

Please try to go heavy on the details.
Usually the explanations we get are (very) light on the details.

Those who are worrying about chest please don’t worry. Flare doesn’t have looted you , think wisely. In this time if you missed uber chest and pal chest you can get it in next time when reward menu reset and those who got this time will not get in next time because this change in reward menu is introduced for 28 days and i think rewards are good. So flare done this at equal level , everyone get equal rewards. Don’t worry you are not looted and be happy . ENJOY THE GAME.

Nikko corrected it , you can check in official announcement.

17 days for next dungeon???

10 dungeon x 17 days each (minimum) = 2019 to finish  :wink: :wink:

One thing I don’t understand, is why the the lvl 20 tavern got twice the gold boost from 781k to 1.5m but the levels leading up to lvl 20 didn’t get any boost at all - that’s not how that should work.

If the max lvl tavern now gives a whooping 1.5m, which is A LOT, lvl 19 should give like 1.35m, lvl 18 should give like 1.2m etc., you know what I mean? It’s not right to have such a HUGE jump in value just at the very last level, because now it only benefits the long-time players, who suddenly got a huge boost of gold out of nowhere, and doesn’t benefit anyone in between AT ALL.

We, who are at levels 1-115 or so now suddenly need to focus on upgrading those Taverns as a priority, meaning dumping more gold into those buildings, holding off on upgrading everything else, making our defense and spells weaker. The overall gold income from all levels of taverns, from 1 to 19, should’ve been rebalanced appropriate as well, so that there is some steady, normal progression going on there.

  • At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Taverns now is 1.500.000 per day

The current gold production of all 4 taverns at lvl 20 is 1.440.000 per day so the increase is actually very smalll; you can keep just ignoring taverns and focusing other stuff  ^_^

The intention is most probably to be able to donate daily to the alliance with 1500k donation ally tower,
when not being able to raid for gold and just getting it via taverns.

It is not really helping to get you that 15m upgrade, so no big deal … just focus on your other stuff :slight_smile:


Ceres can only copy 11 morale only or it increases with upgrade?



It increases +1 per level

Absolutely loving the new melt button, but have two suggestions that would massively improve it, especially in the Chamber of Fortune:

  1. List how many pearls the item is worth. We know how much it costs, but not what the reward it.

  2. One of the best features is if melting slots are all taken, the option to melt is grayed out. I’d love to see that for the “Get It” button too.  It would really cut down on the number of mistakenly purchased slots (which now have the confirm button – thanks for that!) and save time and clicks.


You can easily calculate that yourself. Your conversion rate is fixed, e.g. 24 pearls for 100k gold worth items with 8 slots.
So if you see an item around 150k gold, you immedialtely know it’s around 36 pearls. Basic math is needed :wink:

Put the melt button beside items for the inventory as well, that’s usually where I find my long forgotten duplicates.

2019? isn’t 10x17=170? so it’s about half a year, so shouldn’t it still be mid 2018 if you do it whenever cd is ready? Or did I miss something?

Yes, I could calculate it myself. But why would I when the game already has and could just present it on the screen? 


It costs money to implement and Flare is known for wanting high roi :grinning:

What do you want to do with this information? You don’t really need it,
or do i miss something? The only thing, that comes to my mind, is to
immediately melt the low pearl items and keep the high pearl ones.
But for that you don’t need the pearl value, just melt all below 100k gold
value (or whatever your definition of low pearls is).