Update 3.9 - Collect all button

The new collect all button collects:

  • gold from the taverns

  • bread from the farms

  • pearls from the blacksmith


I think it would be useful if it also collected the pal chest from the throne room. It saves a few extra clicks, but more importantly, it prevents from forgetting to collect it.

I don’t think so…cause that button is specially for currencies…so. Collecting chest with that button is not a good idea…may be flare can think of repositioning the pal chest from throne room to any other place where it will be easy to notice and collect.

I wouldn’t say it is for currencies only. I see it as a collect all button, as in it collects everything that is to collect in your kingdom in 1 quick click.

That should include the pal chest. I don’t see why we need to go through 3 different screens to collect the pal chest.

They could simply have a “collect all chests” button, but I agree that the current button could include chests. Because why wouldn’t you collect it anyway, right?

I want it to collect my one gem from the gem house

Great idea!

This guy’s not so much for thinking out of the box.


I remember this when I have make this suggestion in the past from Olympus Rising. Glad my suggestion is in the game :slight_smile:

I will see soon if its like OR