Update 4.0 coming by July end

The small video didn’t say much, but looks like a completely different play mode . 

Alliance strongholds looks like offenses and defenses are done as an alliance.

Any other update?

Probably you have miss a lots of topic and that explain this topic. You seem not have listen the video carefully about 4.0. So here a recap of the 4.0

  • Level 130 cap now will up at 140 ( not sure but its a sneak peek in the x4 XP event by opelle who make believe this will happen like that happen previously)

  • +1 Level for each spells,towers,units (like in each anniversary version like in 2.0,3.0)

  • FTB have said they will rework totally the defense (So we can presume here maybe defense layout A,B,C)

  • Conquest Mode is a new War concept who will allow everyone to fight each others and gain resources

  • Stronghold is a place where you and your entire alliance will build together buildings and with resources build more building,etc…

  • Probably others surprise like a new spell or new unit or something else

  • Massive Bugs fix

  • In one of the video they say the King become more rich. So probably a new way to gain Gold. Gold Mine or a new building for gold or a new mode for gold

  • I am not surprise if Ninja Event have some change with 4.0. New Pals,new design like requested

  • and more

Any other update? what you want more? 4.0 is enough huge like this. No need more. This have take developer 6 or 7 month if no more.

this is just maybe 50% of what 4.0 will offer. I expect others big surprise. the patch note of 4.0 will be maybe twice big of the one in 2.0.0

Flare have listen the boringness of all players and complain. No one will be disapointed of this I am sure. End of July your fun will reach again the maximum of joy

Everyone who have stop will come back in the game. I am sure 4.0 will bring RR2 alive again

Great going Warrinator

Let’s hope it is exciting. 

Has flare said whether or not we’re going to be losing our bases?

Warriornator must write a book about the flare. and leave the forum alone

We won’t be losing our MAIN base, but it actually may be a possibility that the Alliance Tower is moved to the alliance base. That’d actually be a cool move

AwesomestKnight … that would indeed be very cool.

Ik denk dat we een tweede portemonnee nodig hebben ?

We saw previous update : some ally’s had 10 lev extra in 1 week.  Will not difference with this update.  Some will have all new things max in a few days, no matter how much money they have to spent .  (Nothing against them, they choose themselfes how much money they are willing to spent in this game). We must all agree it is only thanks those big spenders flare keeps this game alive

Do you think 10 extra levels will be enough.

Or they come with something totally new, independent on herolevel, or they have to add at 20 hero levels, coz i think a lot will be 140 when new update comes out.  I have now around 6,2 B xp, and i guess lot will have much more allready

we don’t need new levels, nobody wants their own uber items or pro items obsolete again.

this is normal. grow and move forward. no one wants to stand still

I will not be upset if I need to play for the best things. and  in thist he meaning

Hope the update holds the players intrest for 6-8 months, otherwise the complaints will start again.

Denk dat sommige spelers max alles hebben in 1 of 2 weken.

or the new things are not herolevel bound, or they add hero levels, it is one off the other.

cw with 4x xp, wars with 200 and 300% xp, can allready give a little direction what we can expect

I think 10 level is already too much if the cap up at 140. At +20 you create a unbalance in the game and everyone who are top 300 will swear and complaints by ton here. Like Olympus Rising level up too much result in bad stats and you are in worst disavantage. So in a way can be cool to have level 140-150 and if that allow Flare to create new Uber and Pro items with awesome perk but however will cause a disaster for the one who have invest times,pearls and money in their level 130 items.

We will see what update gives, only would say lot will be allready 140 if 10 levels are added.  For getting 150 you need 8,5 B xp

This is A LOT to dive in with the new 4.0 update. Trust me it won’t take you 2 weeks to finish everything, upgrade, and so on. It really is a full on update. We will have more assets providing you with a better scale of things coming during the weeks leading to the launch of 4.0.

But I can assure you right now, even the top leaderboard Alliances will need a lot of time and Alliance effort to get to the end of it.

But the objectives are rewarding and the mechanisms really interesting. Enough to pleases and appeal to the majority of our Community.

Many thanks,


Completely agree.

We had the “run to 130”, we maxed out every spell, troop and …

New levels? Not necessary, just boríng. It would be frustrating for newcomers.

We need those new game modes, new challenges … to keep this game interesting!


I really do hope you are right with that.

In the past, it seemed Flare had lost touch regarding what was going on in the game and missed to implement much needed  changes, especially in the war system, to make it more appealing and eliminate its flaws (Fief dropping to be the first to name). Some things discussed here would have been small changes (change in war rewards) , some bigger ones. Except for a change in Loser Bonus system none of those issues have been addressed.

So, excuse me. I like to be proved wrong here, but I kind of doubt now this 4.0 will be a well-tested, perfect system. And the big question also is: Will Flare start listening to the community to improve 4.0 mechanisms it if they turn out not to be perfect in the beginning? @GalaMorgane



Flare did made a lot of change in the past based on our input. Remember the first Ninja event ? When it was about an hour of wait time between each island ? Or the ninja coins in chests ?

They do make change when we ask for it, but that doesn’t mean they have to do everything we ask. Just go in the suggestions forum and try to imagine if Flare added every little thing players have imagined. There is a lot of good ideas there, but not that great business-wise.

They have to create balanced system where we can play for free and keep up with the game and a part where players pays so that it can keep this game alive.