Update 7/29

This morning when I turned on Royal Revolt II it downloaded and update, and it seems like maybe the Pyromancer’s are stronger?  Could be my immagination.  Does anyone know what the update did?

An update you say? I don’t have any on my devices. Also, if you think pyros are stronger, you can check their stats in the Wiki and see if they’re still the same, if not, try to focus a bit more and see if they’re really stronger, it might be a secret buff.

If you are on android there have been an update a long time ago only for android, I didnt bother to download it since it was just a fix for some devices

I see, my devices are Windows so that’s why I haven’t noticed any update.

Maybe mine was just slow at getting the update.

or maybe you got a update for only one

Yeah, probably, Flare’s just out to F#ck me!