UPDATE: Blacksmith Event extended

Hi guys,

We are very sorry about the Blacksmith Event ending sooner than announced. We have now just activated it again and extended it.

It will now end on Wednesday (29th of August), 15:00 UTC.

See you in the forums,




well done…BUT…what about those who perked yesterday night and that are in cooldown for more than a week now…?



This is frankly disgusting. Give every player a amount of gems equal to: items in the inventory*spells*troops*towers*obstacles*1000 to clean the 1 week+ cooldowns for the perks done after the end of the event due to your incompetence. Otherwise is another nail in the coffin of the 4.0 Apocalyptic update and an actual scam.

Madlen, I feel like we do need some sort of compensation. I used tons of pearls to forge my stuff AFTER the event had ended. Now I have 7d cooldown on everything with the exception of some spells. Very disappointing to see this lack of responsibility by flare. I hope you guys can do the right thing and give something back to the players that are missing out on these extra last days of the BS

This is not a mistake or loop just a new money making strategy by flare games. Come on guys have atleast some shame. What about those who perked yesterday ? If it’s a loop you must reduce our cooldown according to bs event or “TAKE A LITTLE WATER IN YOUR PALM, DROWN IN IT AND DIE !”.  ?

I don’t think it was a strategy. This kind of thing happens all the time with events and I’m not really surprised that it happened with this one as well. It’s just irritating how often mistakes happen with flare

@Madlen the best thing you can do it is to cancel this bs event and make this starting next Monday or Tuesday. In this manner people will have their cooldown ended. This error of you makes me spent around 10k gems on speed up cooldown yesterday. and now i can’t forge because i need to pay 1k gems to 1 cooldown. So please fix this and make all the people happy 

That will never happen. This is a cheap company with cheap gameplay.

Well FG did what it promised. Start summer with a bang!


Hi Madlen, you can end the BS event by tomorrow. No one will say a thing. BANG BANG!!


Too bad all my stuff is on ~7 days cooldown now cause I kept forging when the first event was over, so this time I won’t take any advantage of the main part of this important event! ?

Yep…same here…not amused…can’t do anything because of long cooldown…next time just say sorry and leave it.

Heh, I forged everything and I’m without pearls, that just upset me.

blacksmith worst event, iwant other event. any event.

The blacksmithfestival is the best event for me but I can forge nothing but 7 days cooldown! Great gesture to extend it but now for some useless ? Now some will say that I should have waited ? but I just saw that it was over and now I have the salad.

No, nobody has the right to say you should have waited because there was no communication in game nor in forum/facebook. So why you should have waited? The deadline was clear and no dramatically different from other bs events. It’s on Flare, only Flare.

We noticed ahead of time that the event was gonna end sooner than it was supposed too. How come flare didn’t do anything about it then! Seriously flare, get your game together, this is unacceptable. We need some sort of compensation for this

5000 gems to lucky people like me. For the Pearls that was waiting to be spent (forging)  but could not be. 

Without pears whatever time u extend, it’s West for me, ???