update for windows phone

Still. Windows phone lacks many features that Android phones have and that’s unfair as they get free gems and food. While we have too earn it pls give an update providing all the features similar to that of android

Sadly Flare is more preoccupied with adding pay to win features.

The loyal windows users and bugs are on the back burner.

I will add this as a top priority to my recommendations list. Thank you for bringing it up. It is a concern of most Windows users, like myself.




TOP PRIORITY: Allow Windows users to earn free gems (with TapJoy and K) like iPhone and Android users can. This seems like you are enabling cheating, which you ban users for. [user: a lot of users]

Tapjoy and Fyber Video are not available to Windows because these services are not supported, either these two companies have not try to make it work or Windows Apps works in a way that they cannot make them work. (I think it’s more they didn’t try, Apple’s iOS is more sandboxed and it works on that)

This is out of Flare’s control.