Update Not Available, Can't Connect to Game AT ALL

Came back after extended trip with no internet access to discover not only can I not update the game, I can’t even connect to it at all. All I get from the MS Store is No Updates Available.

No help at all from MS Store. None.

Am on a desktop Win 8.1.

There is a problem with windows store, it doesnt show any updates available, not only rr2. Heard there is some solution but it requires googling, I didn’t try it yet.

Hey @UnevenGiant

We are sorry to hear that. 

Please, do make sure to contact our Customer Support about this, they should be able to help: https://fgurl.net/help_me

I have just spent FOUR HOURS with MS and XBox technicians to try and solve the problem. And they couldn’t.

I cannot access the game at all and have no way of giving your customer support anything other than basic information.

The XBox technicans suggested that you post CLEAR AND COMPREHENSIVE steps for uninstalling and reinstalling the game FOR ALL PLATFORMS in your FAQs. Even after several attempts they are unsure how to do this and still retain the original account information, etc.

If it is possible that Win 8.1 players haven’t been given access to that download yet, they also suggested you should let people know. Though after a week, it is disheartening to say the least that we 8.1 players are getting short shafted again.

I have now spent two days trying to get access to this download, all to no avail. I am beyond disgusted.