update not available

I can not download the update on my tablet is not yet in the store I’m losing the ninja event for this problem, please solve I waited 2 months to play the ninja and now I can not play them? joke ???

I am playing ninjas without the update? [Although it has disconnected me 2x]. :frowning:

 I am unsure why not having the update is preventing you from playing ninja ?

I personally, am Too afraid to ever download an update on a Friday since no one will know of issues until Monday. I am actually unsure why they release these updates on Fridays?

Please note though…Many players that did install the update are reporting since installing it they can no longer start tower upgrades.

So, I am glad I have not installed it yet. I will wait until Tuesday I think. Lol



It seems to me once that the game is the first to be able to play and takes me to the store but I do not score any updates so I can not play the game and download the update, I will lose the ninja and it makes me very angry

I got the update, but am experiencing major connection problems that were not around before I updated the game

On Android, I can’t open the game either. Loading splash screen redirects me to the store, while the store has no update yet…


Same here… No update but I can login and play on android its not forcefully redirecting me to store. 

Android: After I run this game, it says new updates are available and it redirects me to google play store. I get only 2 options in Play Store: Uninstall or Open.

If I hit Open it repeats the steps, so I uninstalled, rebooted the device and reinstalled the app - did not fix the issue.

We loose ninja event for this problem , i have The game in PC so we Can play The game but if i dont yankee this precaution. ? I Hope They Will be forgiven At The end of The event 


I got the same isssue on my Android 8.1.0 Device. I can’t logon and the store show a game vom … no Update 

I attached the 2 Screens from my Phone.

Please fix Android-Store.

So here we go again. New update and Ninja event starts on a Friday afternoon. Flare then finish work and go home for the weekend, without checking that there app has rolled out successfully. Update not available in the Android store, so as devices start to get the notification. You cannot play the game any more without the update. Ninjas are now messed up and Pro league also.

Then we get the Moderators telling people off and deleting the posts that they don’t like as someone is upset…

Slow hand clap @ Flare

me tooooo!

I cant play Ninja Event!!! plz fix it soon!!?

I have the same problem, and what’s more I tried to uninstall and now the store doesn’t let me reinstall…?

I never understood why they did upgrades and major changes on friday? Unless they are going to hire a weekend person?

Ya, I transfered the official announcement of the 4.2 update to my alliance, but my android phone does not respond at all for the update. Wanna see the brand new update. ?

They will not be around until monday​:frowning::frowning::frowning:. So best submit a ticket.

Updated my game on android just an hour ago… It is on now… Update everyone 

Yes, update is finally here. Missed a few free chedts and several chests got expired thanks to this “Let’s release an update on Friday afternoon and go home policy”.

Well done!

This was such a huge mess!!!  :angry:

Can’t wait for the compensations


What compensations?

Don’t expect compensations every time they make a mess…

They did it several times in the past and rare were the occasions, where we got reimbursed…

Don’t be so naive Darkerion :grinning:

Well, I mean, I don’t know if you notice but lately they are giving compensations every time they make a mess!

event finished before expected > extend the event duration
players can’t use the event extension > repeat the event one week later
delay on paying conquest rewards > 100 gems for everyone
event showing a gold discount that didn’t exist > alliances refunded…

leagues ending, chests expiring, players not able to play ninja… > nothing? I don’t think so

Seems like they are changing the way they deal with these situations. So yes, I’m waiting for it  :stuck_out_tongue: