Update on Windows Ads.

Hello everyone,

After activating the ads for a short time to allow Vungle to work on it, we have an update. Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than we would like for this incident to be resolved. We are very sorry about this and we’re continuing to work with the ad provider Vungle to get a solution as soon as possible.

It’s unlikely we’ll get things sorted before 4.0 and we understand this is not what you would like to hear. Our hands are tied currently and you’ll have to take our word for it when we say that if we could get it fixed right now, we would. Some things are out of our control however and we are, like you, waiting for a better solution. In the meantime, the ads will be reactivated since we know that this issue only affects a certain portion of users. Vungle will continue to working on the issue too. For those affected, please avoid using ads until we provide further notice.

We are deeply sorry for all the trouble this has caused you and we wanted to thank you for your support and patience.

Many thanks,- Your Royal Revolt 2 Team.