UPDATE: Postponed Phoebe defense beast - upcoming balancing changes

Hi guys?️,

Based on your community feedback we will NOT do the announced balancing changes for now. We will have a closer look into the topic and inform you about upcoming changes and decisions - as always here in the forums.

Stay tuned and thanks for the discussion.


Thanks Madlen!

Sorry fof asking this here but

Why conquest boosts dont last until next conquest?

Good decision

HI @Madlen My alliance is very hard to donate ceres to level 3, but why do we feel it is too weak, weaker than howl level 4, why is that?

They don’t realise that Phoebe is the only decent pro-beast, they others are a waste of time and money. At least, i am speaking before it gets nerfed to make it equally useless.

Of course, don’t get me started on Nemesis beast, because Flare really think that we can accumulate 3,750,000 crystals to unlock it.

I think the Nemesis beast was useless if you played PL, it was pretty easy to kill. It is not worth the effort. hazz

Its amazing. So many pro beasts

We’ve mentioned adjust Phoebe stats based on king level, but what if beasts  stats were based on fief count from Wars?


No, Nemesis beast is as strong as Phoebe beast.

And this is why announcing any upcoming balancing changes before their release is such an important thing!
Players can finally have a chance to give their opinion, discuss if the changes are really needed and the best option, and leave better suggestions.

This is what should have happened with the previous heavy balancing changes on defense and offense.
You should have given us a chance to show that some of the changes were a mistake and should not have been released.


It’s not even that some were a mistake, but all of them together were too much at once.

Which made the release of some of those changes a mistake. ?

Are you kidding? Phoebe was the single most unbalanced thing in the game before v 4.0. With the changes you made it became even more unbalanced. Nerfing phoebe or re-strenghtening some of the units should be a very easy decision!

I’m not sure you can answer this but I’ll try anyway: what was different this time? Why did the devs (or whoever is in charge of balancing) listened to the community instead of just going ahead with the plan?


I will admit I’m happy this nerf didn’t go through (at least in the way it was proposed before). I’m not used to this. I’m actually afraid of what’s coming next. ?

Phoebe is strong and by far the best beast, but it’s not undefeatable, so I think this was a fine decision to postpone the Phoebe balance for right now

You got to be kidding me ?! REALLY?! what the actual ef?! 

You know, ***** it! Consider this my formal request for deleting my account, my data, and everything related, and shared with third parties under Article 17, of GDPR. I’ve have had enough! That 4 year run would’ve ended somehow, and at some time - it’s as good as time as ever… ! 

How have you been playing for 4 years (which would make you a VERY experienced player) and still think Phoebe was OP?

Talk about throwing a tantrum. 

There was no mention of not nerfing Phoebe, just waiting a bit to see if there a better way of going about it.

And more importantly, instead of getting upset that you’re not getting what you want when you want it,  You (and all of us) should be extremely grateful that they are talking (& listening) to players before making changes.  This is a HUGE improvement, and we should be doing anything that discourages them from continuing this trend. 

Phoebe comes out to the festival ? ・・・ It is more popular as anyone chooses :slight_smile: The power of scrolling is still great.

It is still remarkable when it is a festival. Because we had few meet with Phoebe at the previous festival.

It is good to have adjustments so that you can enjoy the game’s capture so that everyone is satisfied. :slight_smile:

Attracting beginners to capture, do not let top players cry and do not let go.

It is difficult to ask for simultaneous but it is something we have to do.

It is a matter to think about us to play. It will be thinking with us and Flare.