[update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

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  2. [Updated message about Live Server Update]

  3. [Added update about compensation for delayed payout]


UPDATE: All conquest participants which were a member of a participating alliance at the begin of the conquest should have received 100 gems as a humble compensation for the delayed payout of the conquest reward and boosts.


Dear players,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update, everybody should have received their missing rewards and boosts.

We apologize once more for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,



Hello dear players,

Unfortunately, we became aware of reports that some alliances have not received their rewards and boosts.

We are looking into this and will fix it as soon as possible.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience of this happening a second time.

I will keep you updated on it.

Thank you for your kind attention.


The ones who got …got this!!!

Its better to hv nothing than this joke.

That’s what you get when you complain about low rewards. Even lower rewards or nothing at all. Flare has a twisted sense of humour. Or it is sheer incompetence? Your pick :grinning:  We should have a poll on this since everybody loves them.

Beat this:


I did leave promising chest in topic about what would i like in conquest so here is it 

850 friend voucher 

2018 pearl 

Uber set is nearly the same as the set i having and since i forged so i will count as ~214 pearl 

2 owl , 2 howl , 1 growl and guess who, asuka ???


I think it’s time to leave the game, as FG has cheated us by showing the pro chest.

And more over they keep repeating the old bugs and don’t disappoint us in introducing new bug.

Pathetic from Flare to cheat kings for participation.

And One more thing conquest was supposed to be a monthly affair but it’s showing next in 20 days only.

Simply unacceptable.

I can’t stand him, but to quote my ***** president, “#sad.”

We recieved our chests and boosts just as the conquest ended.

about 1700 vouchers.

6 pals

3000 pearls

Many good things in uber cheasts (I have 130% xp bonus for now) Hehe.

For me, hehe.

Funny. Thats all. Flare cheated us. Better is, just throw their game on them and leave. Hehe…

I am not talking about myself only, FG has cheated kings by showing pro chest, but indeed they made this pro chest a trash.

And Our alliance has still not got any reward, and for sure whenever we will get it, definitely it will be better than yours.

Let me tell you one thing:


you have no right to tell or ask me what I do and what not a do, so just stop commenting on me, I had warned this to you once on personal chat and now here, just stop it.

Here my rewards from 2 pro chests from layer 200(Watch and shiver) 

  • Pearls -> 537
  • Pal food -> 40 , 49
  • Crystals -> 5 , 20 , 2507, 4 , 1959
  • Pro items -> 2

The bold rewards in a different color are abnormal low, that should be adapted. Pro chests for conquest should hold pro rewards and not like now, even enchanted rewards. So yep, I did beat that 5 crystals reward. 

I would like to know what I can do with 89 (40+49) pal food. Wow, I am in progress of leveling up a pal to level 10 (89 out of 250.000, I am 0.0356% closer to my goal) by getting those 2 rewards. 

Same question for the pretty low 29 crystals (4+5+20). I got 0.145% out of 20k for donation of phoebe pal to team by those 3 rewards. 

I don’t complain over the rewards in total, but those kind of rewards should not be inside a pro chest. A pro chest as reward for conquest should hold pro rewards, nothing else.

For me most important was pal donation (10 pals per player), so that’s good. Gem chest giving 208 gems is ok with me. 

The alliance reward was welcome (40M), although we spend much more by building towers and wisdom and keeping up boosts, but for that we also had pleasure. I like the alliance reward, but it could have been somewhat higher.

Wow, almost 4500 crystals and 2 pro-items from 2 pro-chests… I wouldn’t call that bad

Nope, it isn’t bad at all. Like I said I am not disappointed, I like the rewards. 

Only question is why there are pretty low rewards in a pro chest? 4 out of 10 rewards aren’t pro, so that should be reconsidered. 

Dear players,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

With this update, everybody should have received their missing rewards and boosts.

We apologize once more for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


Anything I need to do to get my additional crystals? Because the one I had in my chests are definitely missing some. You can’t sincerely expect players being OK with getting 5 crystals in a chest. I mean, it was YOU who promised better rewards after the debacle last time … 


Overall, I received less than 100 Pro Crystals (5, 4…16) and 2 Pro items. Really bad rewards.

I do like the conquest in general but the rewards are way too low since one conquest blocks 3 events (ninja and war). Hence it should have as much rewards / similar rewards like 3 events. For me, this means around 30k pearls (assuming 1.5 Ninja events), 200 gems and nice ubers. 200 gems and 2 pro items were covered with the rewards but I didn’t receive anything close to 30k pearls.

these pro chests are too random. A guy from mine alliance got 6 pro items from two chest while others got up to 50 crystals etc.