Update suggestions



I play the game on a regular basis and also have been playing clash of clans for years. The reason for that is Clash of Clans stepped it up with every update they came up with. I would like the know the update policy of the game. I believe that with new material and making the game more efficient Royal Revolt has huge potential. Is there going to be new material, perhaps new building/tower looks with every upgrade? Will it be more efficient? Easy improvements like collecting all the food from one farm? Or for example zoom out future which will make players tosee the whole town if desired… goes on and on.


Thank you for the time!

The game is evolving/improving/expanding very well although at a slow pace mainly because Flare doesn’t have enough workers to do everything so quick I think.For now theres an alliance/clan update coming up with stability improvement for lower end device.I’m not sure about new troops/units/towers/buildings because so far the game is really not well balanced/lack variety with existing units/towers.I’m not sure what you mean to say about being efficient , think 4 farms it good unless they wanna add more buildings so combining farm should make room for new buildings.


Until now every updates that Flare delivers have been a massive improvement but the game do lack some objective/purpose , like why you want to be in top 10 ? No award for that except medal boost and honor or why level up fast because the food will cost more.Its basically all about gold and upgrades for now.


This is my view on the game , worth playing/paying and could go a long way.

Ehi 4.20, there’s a topic flagged as “pinned” that has been opened for suggestions about updates and it is here http://forum.royalrevolt.com/index.php?/topic/58-improvement-royal-revolt-2/ 

Maybe you could post there, so it is easier for the admins read it… :grinning:

The game has a lot to offer and I am sure that in the future there will be big big news !

This is a game that you can enjoy and this game goes beyond any other game I’ve ever played so the best thing we could is just keep raiding and wait for the next update

Good to hear all these! by Making the game more efficient I meant making it faster for users. By One farm collection method I meant, instead of clicking on 4 farms separately there should be a button that says collect all food when we click on one of the farms. I don’t think updates like that will consume a lot of time.

Just try to attack someone without clicking on farms separately,and there is a “collect food” option on next screen(if enough food for raid being produced),it’ll collect food from all 4 farms. :grinning: