Update the Hydra Tower in the OR Wiki


Used the data from FLARE to update the hydra tower (mainly missing / incorrect values), removed the damage column (as this is dynamic and not static) and added the three new levels.



hi tjgarland. what do you mean by dynamic / static? 

edit: you gave a formula, but can you also provide the table? ? or some more infos about this? does it mean this towers (or all?) get also stronger from player level or is it only dependent on the tower level?

and attack rate is displayed - shouldnt it be poson damage?


FLARE said the damage done by towers is not fixed for each tower at each level (static), rather, it’s calculated in-game by a variety of variables so it’s always changing (dynamic). I would assume that the higher the tower level the more damage it does, though I don’t know the exact calculation method.


I think it will be possible to partially integrate the wiki into the new forum…


Besides the level of the tower, which is obvious, perhaps they mean blessings, Odyssey buffs and ascension level. Could it depend on hero level maybe?

This is also be the case for health btw, so i am not sure what you/they mean by just damage. Perhaps that it does different damage to units or hero?


That’s what I was thinking. 


from the number-dump madlen gave us via this forum we have: e.g. this values and formula for scaling HP depending on Ascension Level. but they never gave tables or formulas of attack values. or am i wrong?? (edit: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/47018-or-wiki/?do=findComment&comment=248121 this is the link to the dump-file… did i miss something, @Madlen said maybe they can give some more information in the future… see: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/47018-or-wiki/?do=findComment&comment=248283)


@tjgarland did you get more infos & tables to release this here?:


I only got the number dump that you have. They advised me that have a single number for an attack value is not correct so I reworded that. I need to hear back about the attack rate so I’ve left that as is at the moment and I’ve made a note to check in with them later. I’m working on updating one tower a week.