Update v.2.2.0 for windows phone( no offers every time??)

I have updated my game. And when i click on watch videos , it say “NO offers. pls try after some time” . 

Anybody getting the same problem.? 

Seriously flare? please fix it.  :slightly_frowning_face:

Depending on your location, you may not have any offers. And it’s not Flare that control the video offers, it’s Vungle. Vungle probably doesn’t have any clients that want/need to advertise in your country.

thanks @MrSchmouck :slight_smile:   but my friend with andriod phone is getting videos. :slightly_frowning_face:

Android uses another third-party, it’s not Vungle.

@MrSchmouck haha. then i m stuck  :wacko:

Yup, there’s nothing we can do, that’s why I started to use BlueStacks, just to get those free prizes. My country is one of those I know will never have offers from Vungle.

nah location is bullshit , i already heard a lot of players where vid worked just before the update and dont after … we can all blame the advertiser , but we all know in most cases flair just made a mistake again, they dont test upgrades they just release it without testing … why is it that there are Always after an update many bugs ??? .

Very smart Karman :grinning:

And those who live in the wrong countries could try to use proxy servers to appear as living in another one :stuck_out_tongue:

first hour, I got video on WP. But later it disappeared (forever?)


P.S. I got videos again :)))


I use Lumia 730 with Windows 10 Mobile. However, it always gives me message that no video offers. Do I need to change Location on my phone?