Update version 1.5.0 - Alliances are here

Just noticed the new update for RR2 is out. At least for windows. Don’t get it on my Windows phone yet. Alliances are here and it costs gems to build the alliance tower. :slightly_frowning_face:

Some screen shots for those who haven’t gotten the update yet. HighLevel.jpg

Maybe it’s just for the first level? Unfortunately all my workers are busy at the moment, so can’t build it just yet to test it and see.

nope , level 4 cost 30 gems

30 gems is not too much but what is the max level and how much gems we need to upgrade it to the max level ?

Please provide more info for those who havent got the update yet

i noticed these changes

-Superfast Loading

-Allow to view profile info but not items

-Building to allow join for alliances the upgrade costs gems

-Allowing to pin in start the royal revolt 2 in pc

-Clan has a maximum of 12 members and 1 leader the higher trophiy u have the more alliance leaderbord increase

It can be more than 12 members if you level up the alliance with donation , seen a few alliance with 20 members already


I can see this update in Google play and windows. In Google play it’s version 1.4.2 and in Windows , it’s version 1.4.1!!!

Can show me download link?


only available for Windows PC for now


I check my store in windows. Nothing!!!

tried the manual update yet ? swipe to the right after opening the store , theres an option for apps update


I use it but nothing. I found it now.


I added some screen shots to the first post.

Thank you kind sir!!

Hello everyone,


The update was released early for Windows to test its stability with a smaller userbase before making it available to everyone. All other systems will receive the update within the next few days.





not sure if i should be happy we just got something first for a change or worried that im a lab rat :slight_smile:

Windows PC only or Windows phone too? I cant see it yet on my Windows phone and no free workers for next 2 days. :slightly_frowning_face: