Update version 1.5.0 - Alliances are here

no update for wp user in India?

Check manually. It might be there.

no it show uptodate

My alliance leader doesn’t have enough gems to upgrade the alliance tower so there should be a donate gems button just for upgrading the tower since we can’t attack each other and lose gems and our leader gaining only some of the gems lost

If your leader had no gems the only thing is his tower wont be donating much and that doesnt stop others with gems to upgrade their towers and donate.

Donate gems is good but will become a easy way to plough gems for use i guess.

The level of the alliance leaders tower has no effect on the alliance. It just affects how much he can donate.

Still nothing for us iOS users! sigh*

What about a league alliances can join

What if alliance leader leave the alliance, who will be the next leader in alliance random or chosen by leader?

3 days past no news for ios

The 2nd person that joined the alliance will become alliance leader.

are you sure about this?

100% positive. Tried it and tested it myself when I created this thread.

It’s either that, or it randomly chose and coincidentally selected the 2nd person who joined the alliance after I created it, since it was just 3 of us in the alliance.

But it makes sense the 2nd person who joined be the leader, since he would have been around when the alliance first started.

thnx for ur information :slight_smile:

also i see there is promote option. so if leader want to leave he can promote anyone he wants… thars gud. 

Is the a max to the number of spots on the alliance? When I search the top alliances, they all have 27 spots total? I just wanted to know before I keep upgrading my tower just to get to the end quicker

I don’t know if or where the member limit lies, but the member count doesn’t even depend not on your alliance tower level in the first place. It rather depends on the level of the alliance itself, which can be increased by gold donations that all members can make. Only the daily amount of gold you can spend (without paying real money for extra donations) actually depends on your alliance tower level.


Also, just for reference, the current maximum alliance tower level is 10 and the upgrade from lvl 9 to 10 costs 2k gems.

a question…

if a alliance is full and someone applies for the alliance, will the leader receives the request or request will cancelled automatically???


He/she should be getting getting a request. If he/she likes may choose to accept after upgrading or might kick someone non interested to let you in.

thnx for the information  :slight_smile: