I think everyone has shown a lot of patience in regards to this upcoming update with everything thats gone on. Is it too hard to give us a little insight on what to expect, a rough timeframe on when its guna be released? I dont expect u to divulge everything but surely there are things u can tell us… like the introduction of a world chat (it amazes me that this isnt part of the game already) as an example. There has been some great ideas put forward by people on these forums with a majority of them not even being acknowledged. The communication between the players and the mods has almost become non existant… this much change. I hope u take this advice onboard otherwise youll soon find ur playerbase diminish along with the $$$ that come with it. 


unfortunately I’m done with this game until I see an update that has new content and is interesting

i would like to see a world chat like others  here but that wouldn’t solve to much in my situation

The gameplay extremely repetitive and it’s gotten boring 

like you said we’ve all been patient - but nothing is happening

for all new or old players looking for a new alliance, Red Squadron and Worlds End are very active and awesome alliances from my experience. Filled with great/fun people. 

best of luck everyone! I’m off to other games

yes would be nice to see a flyer on facebook with coming soon! new features or events coming up, then a battle between hercules and prometheus what cant be real… see people losing interest and start playing less everyday …because there is no info whats gonna happen and people getting frustrated of waiting and check forum everyday to see if theres any info…getting pretty boring myself and not to know what we can expect soon and look foward to it…

ps hate to see you go Detri, another good player who is leaving the battlefield! like many before! 

I agree with everyone here, without a good teasing noone want to be patient . World is changing everyday, new games appear by hundred each month … we need some infos about the future of olympus rising to see if it is worth to keep playing it.


Today we have got an update cool, but no new stuff, nothing to do different, and deco cost increased , but useless feature for now … :slightly_frowning_face:

these guys are the best!! new feature coming soon prestige system posted at facebook!! even that they ruined before it starts! all decorations cost gems to upgrade why do we even need resources for if upgrading/building aint free??? to upgrade some items lvl2 it starts with 1000 gems 2000 gems and even 10.000 gems…really lmfao thought we already had the worst part behind us, but can even be worser!

let me guess  next event is 50% less gems cost decoration/prestige event!!

Yes they freeze decorations, cost too much and it will be impossible to afford for new players.


Alliance, blessings, heroes, items, ambrosia, now prestige : we will know soon who have the most money ! 

I have played very much of this type games, and i think, the most of everything in this game is cost too much.

  1. Workers - at every game you can buy a second worker in the start for the gems what you get when just starting.

  2. Gems - some gamers like just play withouth spending money, but probably they cant play this game, because imposible to build even hall of uranus withouth spend €.

  3. Achievements - rewards for the quests, they are so small, that i dont try to reach them. ( buy a worker for 500 gems - get reward 25,000 coins).

well the new feature prestige system, isnt free to play they will lose a lot of players again, who just play for free or just play with a bit cash!! looking forward how they ruin the game again cant wait for it so much fun!! BUILDING and UPGRADING should be free with RESOURCES!!! everything cost to much gems in this game!!

yes and gems for blessings is enough , alliance systems is very well designed but if everything in this game cost gems, where is the fun ? 


I can say very loud : mister of flaregame, you are in the wrong way … again !

Official surveys could save us lots of time …

Hi all 

like all have said , the game is not fun anymore and to expansive to play , so i m leaving too ans spending my gems before if not all can play, what is interessting to play vs few player or vs computers etc 

so make a great update and a better balance

have a fun 


Did the green resource chests got nerfd secretly again? I’m now getting almost every time 2 shitty items and wisdom… ambrosia got even rarer… 

I made a thread about this but didn’t get any response. Glad I’m not the only one noticing this.