I’m new in this game and i can’t play because, 

when i want to connect, they said “they are a new updated”


I go to windows store and i don’t find how dowload the update, can you help me please…? :slightly_frowning_face:


And sorry for my bad english, i’m french…



(P.S, les français vous pouvez répondre aussi !)

How to:


  1. Open Windows Store

  2. Do this combinations " LOGO START" + “I”

  3. Click on “Update App”

  4. Then again on the bar “check for updates”

  5. It will appear Royal Revolt 2 -> so download it.

  6. Have Fun!

I can’t download the update cuz my win store not working :slightly_frowning_face:


Someone tell me what it’s like

I’m a windows player too and i hadn’t got this problem because i have updated it immediately

Thank you guys !! :slight_smile:


I succed the update, thanks for your help, have fun all ! :slight_smile:

I lost my account you reset mine windows 8.1 my account name _Vam and now im using villaruel please bring it back im losing my gems im in the top of tournament

Submit a support ticket at feedback.flaregames.com.