Updated Angelic (for 2000-3000 trophy range)

Tired of low gold boosts? Tired of no elite boosts? Tired of your alliance not winning Alliance Wars? Then Angelic is the place for you!

Angelic is a Lv.23 alliance that focuses more on boosts than on leveling. We’ve invested, now we’re reaping the benefits.

  • We have a 23% Gold Boost (60 trophies away from 24%)

  • We activate Storm Cannons at least once a day, usually at 5:00pm central time. Starting at 2:00pm central, you can harvest your food, wait for your silos to refill, and have 2 silos-worth of food at the beginning of the boost. Then, activate Gold Shield, and have 3 more hours for food to replenish. 3 silos-worth of food during the cannon boost. I personally get 6.75mil per boost period, and you can too.

  • #EDIT: With the new Alliance Wars buffs, it’s likely that we’ll simply extend those, or default to the daily cannon boost if they expire before the end of the next Season

How do we pay for all this? I donate 500k a day. The cannon boost costs 498k a day. Your gold, then, goes towards leveling up and towards emergency boosts (Example, if we’re under attack by a stronger alliance in Alliance Wars, I’ll activate the Barricade Boost). So the boosts never run dry, they come daily.

So, what do I want from you? I want high trophies, high donations, and most importantly, high activity. Alliance Wars seem to be the most pivotal part of the game at the moment, seeing as how the 3 best boosts can easily be acquired through them. And luckily, the determining factor in Alliance Wars, is activity. Since only any player’s top 3 battles mean much, and since Skulls don’t vary much from opponent to opponent, the real key to winning, is getting everyone in your alliance to attack. Barely matters who they attack, just as long as they win 3 times along each front. Hence, strength and activity are the key ingredients.

And yes, we will have Doom Gates in 3 days. We are currently boxing in a weaker alliance (saving them to harvest later) and are about to go on the offensive against the #1 alliance in the league (they got a 1 day head start, but we’re about to steal it [; ) Despite our name, we are in it to win it.

We currently only have 1 spot available, but we may soon be kicking those who don’t meet our new criteria.

Disclaimer: We do kick people the minute they become inactive. Missing one or two days is fine, but 7 is too many unless you give prior notice.

I lied. We weren’t able to steal away the other team’s head start because Flare wouldn’t let us start another War today ~_~ And we were so close to overtaking their Skull count, too… But as of right now, we have solidified the boosts of Elite Mummy and Elite Arblaster. No Doom Gate though, I’m afraid…

My name is arksbane, I applied in game I made my account three days ago and am killing it. I can not only donate my tower max but also the. 99 every day. Give me a chance I’ll catch up to you all soon.

Oh my goodness, I’m sorry, I didn’t see your message here! >.< Sure, if you’ve got what it takes to catch up, I’ll invite you (;

Arkbane, here are the tips you need to know starting out:

  1. The only towers used in high-level gameplay, are Firebolts, Snake Towers, and Skull Towers. Every other tower you upgrade today, will essentially go to waste in the long run.

  2. Castle Guard and Units last forever. They stick with you into the end game, and units make raiding easier too (:

  3. Defense is a lot easier than it sounds. As long as you spend all your gold before you log off, nobody attacks you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  4. Don’t worry about the dungeons yet, unless the one in front of you is easy. The only really good things that come out of the dungeons, are the monster units. But they’re only really useful once you have them maxed, once you beat all their dungeons. So if a dungeon seems too hard, just wait. Clearing them isn’t something that needs to be completed until about the 2,500 trophy range.

  5. Focus a lot on Offense. Offense helps you take more gold, which helps you upgrade more things. Defense just keeps your trophies, which aren’t very useful. There actually people who deliberately put away their towers to /drop/ the amount of trophies they have, because the less trophies you have, the more gold you get.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask~

Oh, also!

  1. Use expensive units in defense. Paladins, Frosters, etc, can typically survive a Spell, whereas a horde of Knights can fall to one Hammerstrike.

  2. Barricades > Blockades. Wood > metal. We’re almost to the point if having Tough Barricade activated 24/7, meaning that Barricades have twice as much health (: Barricades will last you forever.

Also, after testing your base, you are surprisingly skilled for a new player

I need to document something.

Half of the members in our leading competitor, Pocur, are only able to attack one member of ours, Arksbane. Pocur has 40 members, so needless to say, we need every advantage we can get. He and I both thought it would be strategic to kick him temporarily so that Pocur would be out 6k Skulls.

I am documenting this to let all of my generals know that Arksbane is a permanent member of Angelic, and that the last member slot is reserved for him. Also, as he passed the 5mil donation mark, and for his strategic insight, I am going to promote him to general upon his return. This is the agreement that I made.

I am also documenting this to show my sincerity about my promise. It’s only customary to, once a promise is made, to offer collateral. I am offering my reputation as collateral that I will uphold my promise to Arksbane. If someone of a 3rd party should screenshot this as proof, that’d be great.

Update: We have one spot left! Came in 1st last season, currently have plenty of boosts active, and are growing steadily.