UPDATED (please see comments): Investigating an issue with the Conquest tier sorting

[Royal Revolt 2] :crown: Dear players,
We are investigating an issue with the Conquest tier sorting.
Please note that the Conquest will run as is now to the end.
Next week, we will share more announcements about this and our findings so please keep an eye on our forum and social media.
Thank you for your continued patience.

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team


:crown: Dear players,
Before this Conquest ends this Wednesday we will perform a Live Server Update.

This Live Server Update will sort all Alliances into their rightful tier, in which the Alliance would have been before the 1st Conquest started.
We will pay out the rewards (boosts, chests) judged on the rightful tier.

Please note you will not see the correct preview of the rewards and the tiers until the Conquest has ended.

Furthermore, we will issue an extra compensation chest to make up for this hiccup.

We apologize for the issues you have experienced and want to say a big thank you to all the Alliances fighting hard in Conquest!

Your Royal Revolt 2 team


To be more precise on the boosts:
The boosts that alliances have unlocked with their current Conquest Scores won’t be taken away from them, even if a higher score would be needed in a higher (their rightful) tier. Instead, all rewards (including the level of the already achieved Conquest Boosts) will be adjusted to the final (corrected) tier. So nobody should lose anything, instead they will get to keep their achieved boosts, only in a potentially higher level.