Updates! Ultra fast turn around times...is this the new flare games in action?

What do you guys think about these updates popping out seemingly every single week now? Has Flare games turned a new leaf? It really seem like they are on the ball pushing out new things! Today’s updated was a pleasant surprise. Gargoyle geting a much needed nerf and buffing up the werewolf seemed like the right things to do. The sly inclusion of BLADESTORM LEVEL 8 and gaining pearls from raids if an opponent uses pearl scrolls on you is awesome! Medals and loot increases are always nice…just don’t cut the league records medal awards again!


The only questionable thing in this update was the hidden buff that the snake tower got. These snake tower near max level are a beast of a tower. If you haven’t ran up to a high level snake tower be thankful, as they devour your HP and have a lot of life. I Would like to see spikes upgraded in power and life not the snake tower which already was a pretty powerful tower. What are your thoughts on the new update? Does flare deserve some praise for pushing out some new content and balance changes right away…I think so. Raid on guys!


PS I hear we are getting closer to clans in RR2 can’t wait!


EDIT we have learned Blizzard ALSO got a level increase to level 8!

since last update the fun for me playing this game is back. the only bad thing is the short time to reach the castle. every big monster in defeating wave cost to much time.

Too much in one go, should have done these updates piecemeal, the welcome nerfing of the gargs may not have been so necessary if the BS/SD updates had been made alone, snake tower update good idea, time warp extended not so good, it was fine as it was and helps (mollycuddles) the attacking king too much, if the time is to be extended the cooldown should have been extended too. Is there a gain of pearls from raids? Not seen that yet, just a single gem for each pearl scroll used, again unbalanced in terms of pearl costs to gems and not much reparation for the king who has been pearl scroll attacked. 


I applaud the fact that they have adjusted the game, but think gradual inclusions of the above would have been better, we could end up see-sawing, between OPs spells troops and UP spells troops again.

Yeah l agree, loved the update and especially nerfing of the gargoyles, probably just like everyone else. And obviously seemed fair to introduce gem rewards for people who got scrolled with pearls.


I think it makes the game a lot more fun when you just go into a battle with a random opponent and see if I can beat them, rather than avoid first 5 hits cos they have gazzillions of Gargs.


I think one more level Bladestorm is also a nice balancing touch. I was really starting to notice the time a bit too much if people loaded 2 ogres/wave as you can’t really leave those to Pyromancers or anyone apart from Arblasters.


I totally agree that my recent encounters with the Snaketowers have been less than pleasant and that it should rather be the spikes, which need a little buffing. Overall, quite pleased with the slight reduction in Firebolt tower weakness to fire as it was way too easy sometimes to drag 2 Pyromancers after you and watch them destroy 6-8 mid-level Firebolt towers without any problems. I guess on the other hand it would become quite a nightmare for people who just start to encounter those at mid-levels.


I’ve also noticed that despite the overall increase in damage output by the castel gate at new max level 13, it somehow started to do a bit too little damage to the hero. Was really able to solo bang on the gate for 35+ seconds without any worries about my health.


Should be interesting to see how strong the new Blizzard level is. Was always quite a fan of this spell and was seriously thinking about swapping out bladestorm for it during the Garg supremacy period.


The only bad thing for me after balancing around Top100 spot for a couple of weeks is the loot. Together with the introduction of video watching limit (at least for my account) it is becoming extremely annoying when you run out of videos and require just 40,000ish for an upgrade. Obviously gems are an option, but spending 50-60 gems to refill the silo and to get 40,000 is a bit crazy.


And the Werewolf still seems pretty useless! Let’s hope they don’t go crazy on it like with the Snake towers :grinning:

Guess this forum are usefull cheers

pleased with the buff snake tower got , poison shield a must now.I noticed they’re very dangerous starting level 5 (I got one) while my level 3 doesn’t do much.

i dont use poison shield ill focus kill them or leave them for my ranged units to kill but those 5 sec im trapped with them feel like 30 lol


I rather them update than take 3 months to do anything tho! I agree these should have been spaced out more BUT the big question remains. If this is a sign of things to come. Ultra fast updates, New content every few weeks and massive updates ever say month or two… I prefer that over waiting 3-4 months for a update anytime!


Things that I think are needed now




Blunt shield/armor 

Medal boosting hero gear

Spikes increased in damage and HP

Water tower buffed  A LOT

Level 15 arrow tower, bomb, water, gargoyle towers and reduced cost for these towers 

Ability to sell towers back for some gold

Incrase EXP gains for level 60+ …they raised it some but the grind to level up is still unbearable!


I also add EXP event: Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc… with its reward !

limited time event is a must ! Lots of game doing that like Asphalt 8 they have at least one new event everyday !

ultra fast updates but the problems people complain about still aren’t getting fixed. (trophy stripping, video for food)

ya, food is a must.