upflow trophies


when can we expect a upflow on trophies? all high lvl still low in trophies, why should i attack them for only 3 trophies not worth spending my gems on, slowly progress in getting exp for heroes lower lvl got even higher lvls heroes becuase they can attack a hell lot more then us and have more fun at this game for last month, when do we finally see some changes, why is this taking so long can you please explain why this game is ruined for high lvl players so long!! plz explain!!

What is considered a high level player?

Most people that got over level 65 reported things getting tougher, so I consider a high level player at level 65+. 
And I have no intention of getting over that point, until things get better, which shouldn’t be that way. They will automatically get better as more players advance to this levels but from the developers side I think that first of all the level lurking problem has to be eliminated before proceeding to other tweaks that will make the high level players life easier. 

I agree, it’s definitely a huge disadvantage to level Ascension up cause defense is still under powered and if you lv up you’re just going to face more players who have been at it for a long time and have high dominance heros. By staying low you get attacked by lower dominance players more often and even if they beat you, you lose fewer trophies because in order to get >3 trophies they have to be both higher trophy AND higher Ascension level. I’ve experienced it a dozen times where I beat a top 10 player and, you guessed it, 3 trophies. As for every level I’ve gone above 42, all its done is cause me to hemorrhage more trophies. It also makes the game quite dull because you spend a day fighting, maybe get 50 trophies or so 3 at a time, and wake up and whoops they’re all gone. You’re just another stop on the eternal waterfall of down flowing trophies. 


Some solutions would be to pair, as suggested, based on an algorithm that gives you some islands based only on Ascension lv so that you have some similar defensively matched people around you, but also sometimes based solely on trophy level, so that a lv 65 person gets the chance to take on a lv 28 player in the top 10 and, of course, obliterate their meager defense. And by beating someone of higher trophies, they should get bonus trophies for that. 


The other sad consequence of the disincentive to lv up is that nobody has a descent hall of Uranus, which makes alliances impotent unless you’ve gathered a lot of high rollers spending lots of cash and gems into one alliance who are willing to take the rest of the alliance on a free ride. And, of course, if your alliance tries to be frugal, you end up just being an incubator for players who are just trying to get recruited by the next alliance up the list that spends more $$$ than yours. To keep even the three most common blessings up for a day,35-40 people need to put in over 75k daily, which isn’t even possible until Ascension lv 55 or so. But, if you ascend that high, better be ready to be sucked dry of trophies

I believe the update is a step in the right direction but i think its goin to be a slow process. After everything thats happened over the last month where ive seen a lot of people lose patience and quit, a hasty resolution is necessary… i suggest as you’ve done in the past to reset peoples trophies who have been negatively effected by ur recent updates to an ascension level average to speed the whole process up

yes new update finally working, see lvl 30 dropping out of top 10.  but will take a while before we see any effect in lvl 70+ so many trophies dropped down.

I’m dropping more trophies than I can gain. In the last two hours I’ve lost 39 trophies gaining quite a number of gems, but if I take every island I can see I can only gain 27 trophies back. At the same time I still see people at the top of the leaderboard who are doing so simply by staying at levels where they can’t be attacked by others with similar numbers of trophies. Much of what has been changed is working but surely adding a simple rule where you can always appear on islands of people you have more trophies than would ensure that lower players can’t artificially maintain an unearned place on the leaderboard.