upgaiding a super item

I had forged an unique item as showm in a video. But now my levels change and this item is small for me. I try to upgrade it but it says that my gold level is not enought, but i can have till 20m gold. And what 20m gold is not enough to upgrade this item?

The problem might be the books required also, see below or another 5 * titan item.  You can’t really upgrade an item like yours very well, so soon, if you do it will lose some of its gold super charge, and return it to the region of bronze titan. My stats below are from ONE ascension raise - forging in normal way with BRONZE will reduce it’s stats more in line with the original item, but with perks normalised to around 40% of the original. So don’t do it for at least 7-8 lvl raises. 

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Yes, i have 120.000 books. 

And if then once more upgrade the preis will stay or i will need more next time?

And in your build it again down a power of item or this is a old picture?

O sorry do not read correctly all what you had write, now i understand the system. Only by the next time the prise will also up?

The image is from ONE ascension gain from when I originally forged the unique- so basically if I forge in the unique in the ‘usual’ way with a standard 5* bronze item it will lose some power even though I’m a lvl higher than when I created it! It’s Flares way of kicking you in the balls!! For you to actually raise your stats, you will need a whole new gold item (4 stats) with the same perks (if you want to keep the perks you put on in the first place)

A gold unique forge adds a bonus which stays ok for several lvls, but after that, once it loses power, it’s only really worth doing the standard bronze forge. I did use this item above as an experiment, and concluded the unique for system is completely not worth doing…

Silver forge to add one perk to an item is ok in certain circumstances, but this whole system is limited to the top players who know what they’re doing and have the surplus resources to use. 

If is so it is not interesting to do it, becouse i thought that i make it once use a lot of time gold and books and then i can always apgraid it according to my level

Or you must do it only when you have level 131

The whole system is a scam. @Madlen talk to the guys about this. They messed up this aspect of the new forging system. 

Hi Dumpster, I will collect the feedback yes :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Great, thanks!