Upgrade alliance

Hello Olympus rising team. First of all I’m very happy with the game. Ward are perfect now. I know you had some trouble at the beginning but the results are amazing. So I have a question for you. Can we find any stats about upgrading alliances? For example how much will costs the blessings and which new blessings we will have. I checked the forum and I didn’t find something useful. Thanks and continue the good job. Btw(I’m waiting the gems from hades-Zeus challenge) 

Hey taseone,

Here are some links, but the work is incomplete.



Hope that helps.

Thanks, good sites, but don´t write here, how much will cost the new blessing of unit , after level up of aliance



For example I read from this site, that in level of aliance 28 will be in divine blessing minotaur. I can´t find anywhere, when we do level up from level 27 to 28, how much will be cost the minotaur . (for example minotaur for 8 hour  will be cost 400k ) So information I looking for. ?In which level what, and how much will be cost.

Nobody has ever published a list of that info, sorry.

The only way to achieve that is getting a collaboration between the wikia admin and some alliances of all different levels, or acquiring the direct answer from the devs (I’m sure they have the complete info) via Madlen. She’s been tagged.

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I can ask the devs, if they have something I can share.

Thank you!

Hello there :slight_smile:

currently, these are the numbers. Please understand that things like these are subject to change. I hope this helps and now happy levelling :slight_smile: