Upgrade archers range

Ok, first thank you for creating this amazing game. Best reverse tower defence game…

And one of the great things about this game is nothing gets old and irrelevant if u keep upgrading it. Just like I have seen high level players using knights, the first and most basic unit. Bomb tower is used by top 10 players.

Ok, lets get it straight, archer is also an amazing unit of u keep upgrading it,u can create army, a group of high level arches can take down any building in seconds despite buildings having at least 50% resistant to piercing.

But what making it obsolete is it’s range, U describe it as a long range unit and most of the long range units or towers have at least 5.5 range except pyros. But pyros have high hp which enable them to take a shot before the die. But archers have none, not a great hp or range. Making us ruled out this amazing unit at mid-high level.

So, my suggestion is, it’s okay the low range at low level. But please, improve their range at least for high levels, starting at level 8-9. Forging their range is impossible, it’ll take 25+ forge to get a chance and that’s impossible…

So, upgrade their range, at least at high level…


Upgrading archer is a waste of time,my recommendation for u to upgrade pyro of arbs.comparison between range and attack speed both have the advantage than archer

It’s done for a reason that low range. Archers boosted have explosive missiles that do massive damage to everything in the area of the explosion. A few hits and even the strongest towers plus troops will go down. If we could upgrade their range to for example same range as an arblaster, who needs to invest in towers and other things at all? We know that we can in theory increase range of arblaster to range of a firebolt. But still a bunch of them need a lot of time to take towers down, while for archers towers are gone in a blink of an eye when they are in range.

Imagine what it would mean when you had same opportunity with archers as arblasters. It would kill the game, since archers are relative cheap in offense. Just summon a bunch and nothing can possibly survive due to the explosions. Like I said, nobody will have to put effert and energy in upgrading. Due to their low range, we have chances to take them down with a spell (when in defense) and in our own defense towers or other ranged troops have chance to take them down, before they can start to do harm.

Sure… arblasters with extreme range will be tough, but still beatable. Just put some elite bomb towers in your defense and while the arblasters are shooting at something they stand still. At that moment they are vurnerable to incoming bombs. Archers don’t stand still for a long time, when in range they shoot and move on.

Due to their low morale, you should be able to build a lot of archers. Some will be killed, but they are expendable. The others get in range and will do their damage.

Why should it be impossible to forge their range? ^^
I am still forging run speed on my (blaze) knights, since the option of forging is avaliable … from 2.25 speed, now up to 3.01 speed
It demands patience, but it works

Quite simple to answer. Max improvement in percentage lays between 20 and 40%. That’s why flare gave us an average of 30% max improvement. After a dozen forges the improvement start to decrease rapidly till it’s useless to forge. Who will forge when improvement becomes 0.01% or even less per forge??? That’s useless, so there is a limit.

You increased speed of knights by 33.78%. I expect for every extra forge the improvement will decrease rapidly and if not yet, it soon will decrease. 40% means possible speed of 3.15.

Let’s calculate it with numbers. Standard range of archers is 3.5. When we take even the most extreme number of 40% imrovement, you can only get the range up to 4.9. More realistic is somewhere between 30% and 40% so possible range is between 4.55 and 4.9. With this in mind, you will never be able to hit a tower on opposite lane with archers. It’s more likely that one of your archers comes in range of one of those those towers (walking close to the edge), activates the tower and as result heavy damage to your archers. Of course the hero can bounce back incoming (skull) bombs, but it will be a different story when multiple towers start to fire simultaniously. You need the spells to protect your archers till they are in range and that’s not always possible.

Other ranged troops have a range of at least 5(pyro) while most even start at range 5.5. Guess who is going to be hit first? Also here you need your spells to prevent damage. Nice that your archers have a theoretical range of 4.9, a defending (storm) cannon has range 6 and a bunch of them will target your army of archers way out of their max range. The storm cannons stay on that same spot, take out an archer, target another archer and will keep shooting untill they have no target any longer (meaning byebye archers).

An arblaster however with 30% range improvement can get a range of 7.15 (I guess it won’t be 40% otherwhise it even could be 7.7!). Speed of archer is 1.73. Total difference in range in extreme advantage situation of archer is 7.15-4.9 = 2.25 range difference. We know that speed of archer is 1.73 so he needs 1.3 seconds before he even is in range to fire at an arblaster. He already got hit at least with 5 arrows per arblaster, so he is dead before even able to shoot, when we increase both ranges to max. And spells won’t help you there, when arbs are shooting from 7.15 distance, your spells won’t be able to hit them, unless you need to run forward to close the gap (risking your hero to become a target and shot down)

Even in comparison with other troops that aren’t increased the archers will be last troop that is able to fire. They will get hit first, before able to deal a blow. And before you are able to deal damage with a troop, you must make sure it’s still alive plus in range. Not all bases have only non ranged troops, be aware of that.

When you still need to decide where you should spend your pearls on, I would not go for range of troops with lowest range.

I totally disagree!

I’m a level 102 King so I’ve been playing for a while. 

And I prefer to raid with Archers over Arblasters (even if neither is boosted). 

Because the Arblasters will get distracted trying to shoot down a tower in the next lane then I loose them and they all day.  The Archers don’t have enough range to do anything that stupid.  So they obediently follow my King anywhere he goes.  And my raids are much more effects with the Archers because of their short range!

I figured I’d give you a word of warning…  Sadly Flare didn’t do its job well…  Virtually all units stay useable the entire game!

But Flare totally failed with Towers:  Make sure you get away from Arrow and Frost Towers immediately they are total jokes!



I am glad to know u use archers at level 102. But as you should have experienced, your loyal archers will never survive a lane fight if they have firebolt towers or any high level towers behind barricade or blockade without your help. And arblaster or Forster on opposite lane make this worse, they even can’t fight back.

And in case of tower, when I am against a bomb tower, one bomb is enough to the down 7-8 archers bcz of their low hp, so my archers didn’t even get a chance to take shot. And my archers are at level 10, so I am pretty sure I can call them high level. So you can guess they have no chance against skull towers.



what I am saying is both low hp and range is deadly for them, as someone above showed max range attainable is 4.55 (still much lower than most long range units and towers) forging won’t help.

Dena said that a boosted archer is a strong attacking unit. Indeed, they are. Even without boost a group of archers are strong attacking units, but they never get chance to take shot… And you can’t always have boost you know…


Not totally true Archer too can be distracted easy. If you face a base with a lot of unit in a chokepoint near the tent you lose all your Archer. They are distracted by each wave who reach the chokepoint. Still to you 3 option : change Archer by something else, Try to run fast to reach the chokepoint and clear all enemy or try to beat the base with only 2 unit during the time Archer distract new enemy in the chokepoint

I am not sure but I think their stats are better than Arblaster its the only point that make Archer better and can shoot explosive arrows.Mine have 3,000 Attack and 4,000 HP with Power Archer at level 11 if I up them at 13 and forge them at +25 and up HP and Damage plus if you have very high alliance to have level 7 Power Archer. I think he can reach maybe around 4,300 in attack and 5,400 HP not bad.


Maerique is right, archers are powerful and worth using them. Some weeks ago we had them boosted and i could
beat bases in the range 4000-4300. You have to adapt your raiding style, of course :grinning:

Archers are not supposed to survive lane fights. As a low morale unit they are disposable and you are happy, if half
of them survive and help the king near the front. Even that is not always necessary, you can use them as a cleanup
unit way behind the king, too. As with all low hp units (knights!), it is essential to shield them to survive long enough.
Using monks with them is also a good idea, leading you to use knights, archers and monks as a combo.
If you want to get an idea of how to use them, have a look at Jason Wivart’s youtube channel. He is almost always
using them, so any (recent) raid video should do …

Level 10 is one below old max, that’s not enough i’d say. My above mentioned raids were with level 11 (old max) and
in the meantime i have maxed them to 13. As our generous leader Jack (Dena4 :grinning: ) already announced to boost the
archers today, i’m happy to try them again at max level tonight  :wink:

Depending on your level and your opponents, you would never use unboosted archers, same with knights. So if you don’t
have them boosted, you wouldn’t use them. Especially when you are in a trophy range, where all your opponents are
(massively) boosted. In my “unboosted times” up to about 3500 trophies i used froster / cannon / mummy (high level needed).
You may want to switch to a combo like that, if your alliance rarely boosts units.



First off I think you have some serious misconceptions about range.  I like the Archer because of the low range not inspite of the low range!  I like them because they will not engage a tower across the lane.  Where as my Arblasters will stop and try to shoot down a target in the next lane!  And they will certainly die!  But my Archers will just walk past.  Skull towers are a problem for them.  They take heavy damage.  But as long as I keep their path clear of barricades so they keep walking by the time a bomb detonates it will be behind the group of my Archers and do little to no damage.  Next, a Firebolt Tower means nothing to me.  At my level I have so many Archers spawned kill 1 or 2 of them I have a horde of them! 

Finally, the whole purpose of using small units is for shielding them.  When you have 2 monsters with you.  You and the two monsters get a extra 5,000 shield.  Total shielding power is: 15,000.  But when you have even a small number: 20 Knights or Archers, you get them all in range and use your shield and suddenly you have 100,000 shielding power!  So you always what to have shield when you are spawning a lot of low morale units!