Upgrade Help 101

Hey there,

first of all, thank you for bringing this beautiful blend of strategy and action on my Win Phone’s memory card. It’s one of the few games that deserve to have a tile pinned to my start page. :slight_smile:

With the boost event in full swing, one general question: Should I purchase an additional worker or an additional spell/fighter slot first? What is the most useful decision?


Heiko, a.k.a. Auron Andromeda

When u r low on gems, u going to get gem packages.

In the beginning u ll get a starter package. Buy this when it offers 3rd slot for both spell nd fighter! This starter package may include a worker as well, mine did!

U ll get also at least 2 worker packages through the game, so it may be better to wait! These will offer u 3 workers each! I would recommend both if u r going to be playing the game in the long run!

Right now 20% may seem cheap to u but the packages generally offer 70-80% discounts, which is way better!

And yup, always boost offense first, so spells nd units come first! Hope that helped!

Yep, thanks for the insightful inside look.

I got and bought a package that gave me 250 gems, plus free gems for 30 days. Unfortunately there was no worker included, but I really can’t complain, as the final income should be 1.700 gems. And as I’m planning to play this game for quite a while (it has won my heart and I’m ready for a long term relationship), I’ll be on the lookout for any special offers.

Thanks for your input, guys!

And one more thing! Nd this is only if u wish to spend minimum(as there is no real limit to what u could spend)!

Use ur gems wisely! Other than buying the starter/worker packages, or u can buy these with the monthly gems u got as well(probably same value at the start)!

(Workers get 500 gems costlier everytime)

I recommend using gems for upgrading ur alliance tower! That is worth much more than the unit/spell packages or scrolls!!

U can also save gems, after u hv upgraded the AT to 50k donation, as their r alliance party weekends every two months or so which offer 20% discounts! AT adds value to u in the game!!

This maybe too much info right now if u r just a beginner, but it ll make a lot of sense later on! So u can skip this post(I ramble a lot