Upgrade or Enhance any Armor / Inventory Items

For those of us who like customizing the look of our king sometimes we pass up perfectly good armor granny is selling because we don’t like the look of the armor.  It think it would be great if you gave us the opportunity to have any current armor we had upgraded so we didn’t have to change our look just cause we wanted better armor.  Plus from a developer stand point it’s another thing you can get us to spend gems on.  :wink:

There was a time when I wanted this but I like the way it is now.


If we got to change the look of an item we would just be buying stats and numbers.

I understand that is what we are already doing but this is a game.

If you can’t hold on to the illusion of the game then you might as well not play it.

You make a fair point.  I’m not 100% sure I agree with it.  But I questioned that line of thought even when I was putting this up.

If the kings visual was a bigger part of the game I would be all for this.

I think Flare should integrate it more into the game somehow.

and fail rate, also fail + destory rate…

some players complain that there is too many pay to win stuff, some says there isn’t enough.