Upgrade progress indicator has wrong range, shows empty

When others suggested that, when the Boost your Defense starts, you should shorten already running upgrades to the 2 days as this is also the max upgrade time during the event, I am pretty sure they did not mean that you should shorten only the progress indicator to 2 days, but keep the upgrade time unchanged:  :grinning:

Since yesterday, the time counts down, but the progress indicator stays empty!

Please, (a) first of all, shorten running upgrades/cooldown times when an event with limited times starts, and (b) fix this inconsistent behavior above.

It has always been like this, where the progress indicator bar is ‘shortened’ but not the actual duration left.

totally agree they reduce current in progress upgrades to the event limit.
Then this would also ‘fix’ the display issue with progress bar and time left during these events.