Upgrade Time

Why does it take so much time to upgrade a building or troops. After all we have spent the gold required to upgrade.When we spent gold to upgrade a troops or building,then those are meant to be upgraded.It matters to be upgraded at an instant.Why does it take so much time to upgrade all these.We dont care if it was 5mins or 10min maximum.but it takes 3 to 6 days to finish the upgrades.Why is that?.You should make a solution. Its could have been a nice game if the upgrades finishes at an instant. I didnt even rate the game because I considered this a big fault. So I believe you would make it right…



This is the case with many many apps (Clash of Clans, Clash of Lords, Castle Clash, Sky Force, Boom Beach, etc.). You should just get used to it.

All people passed through this problem, game like these have a common word: " time" if you have it, you can be ok with it; otherwise it could become a real problem as long as you go ahead in the game  :grinning:

Have you guys ever played age of empires PC.The first strategic game. bigger and better than this. Even in that game it only takes matter of 5min to build or upgrade things. The troops are upgraded instantly. People dont have to wait for the completion of their upgrade. I just wished for this game to be like that. Thats all…

Hey, you can instantly upgrade those buildingS, troops, waves, spells

Use gems


The time that it takes to upgrade stuff is what makes you attached to the game on the long run. If you think Age of Empires is “bigger and better” than RR2, then you should quit and go play AoE instead. Don’t misunderstand me, I was addicted to AoE2: The Conquerors for two years and I know I’d love to play it again, but you can’t expect all the games to be the same or to be what you want.


I been playing RR2, age of empires castle seige, Cloud raiders for 7 months now. Exept for age of empires. I download it a month.

so dont think of ne as guy who is not willing to spend time for this.

I mean I am at the hardest level in these games. And I suppose you know what it takes to reach that level. I didnt mean to complaint about this game for not having instant upgrades or building

it was just my suggestion for the improvement of this game.

I love this game. So as an active played I thought I should say or suggest something about my view on this game. Thats all…

I mean you no disrespect guys…


Time an issue in this game??? LOLOL!!! You guys haven’t played f2p strategy games yet. It takes 4 days to upgrade the star wars commander HQ to level 5, and less than 12 hrs in royal revolt 2 to do the same. This place is king when it comes to wait times. And you mentioned 3 to 6 days at the higher levels? That’s how long I have to wait at level 7 in all of those game types I play (aoe castle siege and swc). Those games go to level 10+ btw,so I haven’t even scraped times. I could rant on forever on this, but I wont.