Upgrade Tokens not working correctly

Have 2 Alliance members (US Ausie Alliance) that have experienced trouble with the Upgrade Token won in the Festival. They choose the token, but aren’t given an option which upgrade to use it on. Then 1 member used another one, gave him same item to use it on, but didn’t take time off.   Used on Windows, Australia (for now).    It took 1 day off of their longest running upgrade, but did not give them the option to choose.  When 2nd token was used, nothing happened. no time was taken off.


Im having the same problem. Its picking the longest running upgrade to remove 1 day.

Im fact, i did some more tests on my account and what happens with upgrade tokens is the following: I click on the token, it will show the longest running upgrade to have it used, but if I click on the upgrades ongoing,  i can use the token to remove 1 day and it worked fine.

Hi everybody…one member of my alliace took only one upgrade token…and today he has seen that the other 4 has vanished…please can someone help me and give an answer???thanks

Same issues going on here. My fiance used two of his upgrade tokens to shorten the time on one of his waves, and nothing happened…no time taken off with either of the tokens at all. This definitely needs fixing.

Disconnect and reconnect it should work, for me it has.

Its a display bug I think…

Hi guys,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I can confirm there is a bug when you use an “upgrade token” to shorten the time on one the waves. BUT: It is only a display bug. The time is deducted correctly, but it is displayed wrong. We will fix this with the next version.


Hello Madlen,

I can confirm you that my token don’t finish my wave upgrade. My wave have 50 minutes to finish…I use 1 token, 2 tokens, 3 tokens…and the wave was not finish. The time of upgrade don’t finish…After 50 minutes waiting, my wave was finished, but my 3 token are used…for nothing :-/

Have we a chance that the support give us the tokens ? We don’t know when the next version arrived…During this time, many player can be the same error, spend tokens…for nothing…