Upgrade waves

Hi jone

Mybe you can make that we can upgrade all waves toghther insted of one by one, it take a year to upgrade all: (


if this will be done, then in order to upgrade at the same time also spells, troops , etc. :wink:

I think that is kind of the point – the 1000 gem achievemtns are really expensive and take a very long time.


That said, I find that upgrading waves is a nice money dump when all your workers and buildings are busy.  It would be nice if they upgraded just a hair faster (even if the gold cost were made steeper to compensate).


That said it takes:

  • 20.9 million gold and 23 days to upgrade one wave to 30 morale points
  • 167 million gold and 184 days to upgrade all waves to 30 morale points
  • 55.8 million gold and 55.5 days to upgrade one wave to 40 morale points
  • 447 million gold and 444 (a year and a quarter!) to fully upgrade all waves.

Ok, that might be just a touch rediculous.  Especially the upgrade time.

Yes. This is the main bottle neck as I mentioned earlier in the older forums. Not only the wave time is too long but also you can only increase by 2 after reaching 22. It should not be taking a year and 3 months to do all the upgrade to waves. Increase of FOOD per battle and WAVE upgrades are big hindrances to progress of the game.

this isint halo or x box I like the slow progressive nature of the game it is like watching  a suspence movie. and makes me look forward to whats coming. if we speed things up. there will still be people saying its to slow. kind of “its all relative” kind of thing then why not just have everybody maxed then how fun would that be. its the progress that you see that you earned that makes it satisfying. that’s just my opinion.

That’s good idea, but now I short of gold.

What is the max level for wave anyway ? Level 9 already cost 3m and theres 8 of them


Max level for the wave is 17 with 40 morale points, and it cost 8 million to upgrade.

So thats only 2 morale points per level starting from level 9 ? Wow , some crazy amount of time and gold being wasted there

There are 9 waves, why need to wait seperat time for eatch wave


Totally agreed, and the last 2 morale points (Level 17) cost you 8 million, sounds ridiculous.


Just to make a correction here, total of waves is 8

My suggestion would be to create (researchers) which are like workers for all your researches for spells, troops, waves and Engineer. Start with 4, with the abilitity to purchase more. This way Kings can focus more on what’s lacking.

Otherwise raise the waves according to the level of the hero with a surplus of a few golds if you want to expand them.

Such as the 4 scrolls payable with gems which grow up with the level.

minimum wave distances should be decreased from 18 seconds.

good point. but when does it stop. zero seconds. some punk will always complaion

Lower the daya exp wave 26 to 28 need 5 mio gold and 4 days 12 days become 6 mio but only 2 days only so wave can easily up more exciting

Lower the daya exp wave 26 to 28 need 5 mio gold and 4 days 12 days become 6 mio but only 2 days only so wave can easily up more exciting

444 Days to fully upgrade Waves is defiently too much. Even speeding up that Thing with Gems would be too expensive - I guess.


I think as well we should be allowed to upgrade multiple waves at once - so let the Players deal with the massive Gold required…

Now you can upgrade 1 wave only, 1 scroll only, 1 plan of inventions only…


so I wish you could do 2 at time, not all at once, but I prefer to pass from 1 to 2 at time to upgrade our waves.

I hope… ^_^