Upgrade workers?

Should we be allowed to upgrade our workers with gems or pearls? Max probably would cut worker time by either 25% or 50%. What do y’all think?

I like this idea. This would give us something else to upgrade and speed up the time of other upgrades. I think a lot of us have a few pearls waiting to be spent on something useful (hint, hint, alliance donation :grinning:

its a decent idea but id rather use my gems to buy more workers to make more progress

i think this would be great if they cost pearls!

I like this… They would have to be a ridiculous cost like 8mil at least though.


But I’d love any way to get more workers really! It’s really hard for non-paying members to get a decent amount of workers.




EDIT: I see what you mean now… Still a good idea lol…



we are not talking about adding more workers. we are talking about upgrading existing workers so they build faster

This is a nice idea but it would be better if instead of gems it require money to upgrade workers because it easy to arrange 10 million in one day in this game but collecting gems to upgrade workers will not gonna work probably.


  • cut the cost of upgrades by either 25% or 50%.  =)

It’s an awesome idea, i see challenges for who have the best workers set upgrade at max  :wink:

we need elite workers lol

I love this idea. +1 It would almost have to apply to all workers in general tho. Like the upgrade effects all workers upgrade times/cost. Otherwise, there would have to be an added feature where you choose which worker you want to perform the upgrade, and that just adds more work and coding for Flare