Upgrades time too loooong

Ok this game is all about being patient and wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Stop. I think we all know that. As a consequence of the latest update everything cost too much (even if gold problem has been solved) and upgrades time is too long. 

Do you want to know what is the result of this? BOREDOM. Yes, you got it. The last update brought into the game innovation: new features, a new character, a new spell, a new tower ,new buildings levels and new dungeon levels. But unfortunately and unintentionally brought also boredom. Even if i had 20 workers ,the story would be the same. And i want to be clear, I don’t spend gems to finish upgrades. I can say that boredom is a bad feature of human nature,but obviously that depends on the situation. In this case Flare should know that boredom brings players (Especially brand new players) to leave the game. If i need to wait 7-10 days to wait for upgrades, no longer makes sense doing raids and find gold. There’s no fun. As a result my treasure chamber is always full. So what is your aim towards free players??

When the latest update was released i told myself that the update would have introduced innovation but also this kind of problem. And i’m sure i’m telling the truth right now. Cause this is the reality. As solutions would be better if you did more events like Boost Defense Event and Boost Castle Event. 

I know you care only about paying players but if there won’t be anyone left who will spread the word about this great game,how can Royal Revolt 2 survive?  :slight_smile:

Flare,think about this. 

PS: When in 2017 (or even before) you are going to release a new update with new 283924978237423728 levels,please think about consequences it will bring. Not always innovation is synonymous with greatness.

U can pass it on to ur child,grandchild,great grandchild like I do,lol


Cause new games will cash in on this boredom.

Once you get hooked to a new game, you tend to forget about the previous one. This has happened to me with hero sky and jungle heat. Both of them at good high levels but then RR2 stole the show. i don’t know the future.  :huh:

Yeah, I can agree that they should reduce all upgrade times to let’s say a seven day maximum. That way all “newer” players can “catch up” someday aswell. As long as they have the same upgrade times everybody else had, it’s impossible to ever go to a decent level.

I agree with what you are saying, time is ridiculus already for what we get in return

My treasure chamber is full since about one week. I add saying i’m in the diamond league right now. So boredom is going to increase day after day. It 's no longer makes sense doing raids ,find gold. There’s no fun. Might be a paradox but the cause of this problem is the latest update. I knew that this issue would have happened. Here we are. 

Mostly all upgrade is on certain lvl(high lvl) under some circumstances,u upgrade everything at the same day,then u can rest or stay inactive for 8-10 days.soon all higher free players will leave the game cause of boredom to wait

I would make 5 days max for an upgrade to finish max length. 5 days is the shortest recess time between two war seasons. This way we can start an upgrade and know it’s ready before next war season starts, like upgrade of farms, troops and spells for example.

The upgrades just take too long at the moment. Version 2.0.0 came out somehere at the last week of februari. When the upgrade was released I immediately started upgrade of throne room, since I had the gold for it already collected. Then a long waiting period was there, before we even could upgrade buildings like troop academy and wizard tower. Again an extreme long period of waiting. I made sure to have the gold available for upgrading a troop plus spell. Now we are almost three weeks later already and I still must wait for 3-4 days before my first troop and spell is upgraded to new higher level. I think most players recognize this scenario.

With this kind of upgrade times, the speed of a snail is even faster. Come on, are you serious? If we need to wait 8-10 days for just one level upgrade, maxing three main spells plus troops will take months, unless we are lucky to get an event to speed it up. And we know from the past how that works. Without a warning suddenly there is an event that can speed up upgrades to finish within two days, but the poor players who already started an upgrade can’t profit at all and need to wait full time.

I think a lot of players recognize the same scenario after the new upgrade. One time this scenario (I don’t describe everything here, like upgrade of treasure room):

  • Gather the gold as soon as possible for throne room upgrade.
  • Upgrade throne room 
  • Check when some workers need to be ready for upgrading other buildings like wizard tower, troop academy (Wow… 10 days we needed to wait!)
  • Upgrade towers and so on as long as throne room isn’t ready and there is still time available to do so
  • When upgrade of throne room is ready, start the upgrade of wizard tower and troop academy and check how long it takes (also more than a week of waiting)
  • Raid, raid, raid to upgrade something else
  • wait, wait and wait some more until wizard tower, troop academy are ready (treasure chamber is full already for a long time)

And then we enter the repeating phase we are in now.

  • Upgrade a troop plus a spell (since we need more gold than treasure room can hold for both, we have some fun here to raid)
  • Check the times we need to wait (Wow, another 8+ days at least)
  • Wait, wait and wait some more, do a few raids
  • When a worker comes free or something is ready that doesn’t need a worker (wave or inventory plan), we can spend some gold to upgrade something
  • Even more wait, wait wait, raid a few times between
  • Troop plus spell become ready
  • Repeat…

At the current moment not even a troop or spell has upgraded to the next level. We are almost three weeks further already! This is indeed boring. Please reduce the waiting times.

I agree. But not only high level players,low level/new players too. Low level players are the first will leave the game. The latest update brought innovation ,curiosity and amazement among low level players. But the same innovation that cannot be reached by low/new level players. Thats mean Flare will lose players who might spread the word of this game. 

I have this problem, too! Everything is busy all the time, and after having finished something, it’s more or less immediately busy as before. I even started to feed the blacksmith! But here comes the next problem: i can’t feed him while upgrading him, so i have nothing to do for over a month of upgrading his building. :slightly_frowning_face:

So please Flare: for a short term solution: allow to melt items while upgrading the blacksmith. For a long term solution: come up with something or read the suggestions, e.g. daily quests etc.

This seems a stupid problem but it’s not. It is a serious problem. And future update (which will add new levels new bla bla bla bla) will bring more and more issues like that. 

I’m sure Boredom and Blacksmith will be the greatest downfall of this game. I’m serious. Furthermore i find building towers plan useless. Cause the cost of high level towers is expensive already. 


I used to plan everything so that I get something to upgrade each day!! But its becoming really boring to just play 30 mins and upgrade something coz there is nothing else to do during off season. I know there would be many players who would like to take some time off during off season but regular players like us should have something to play for during off season. I don’t even want to attack anyone coz I have enough gold for my next upgrades. Events are good as they shortens the time from 7-10 days to just 2 days but most of the event are sudden and for the past few events we didn’t get anything related to upgrading actually (Blacksmith, Alliance party, Granny days). The game is becoming increasingly boring!! They should give us more Castle Boost, Offence Boost, Defence boost event in future.

It’s exactly what i thought when the new update was released. Boredom will bring so many players to leave the game. There’s no doubt. I’m getting bored too. Probably Flare doesn’t know that this problem is caused by the latest update. This is what happens adding too much stuff (Especially for players who cannot afford this new stuff).

They could reset original dungeon levels and replace rewards by Pearls, I even would not give gold as rewards, just pearls. In the new dungeon levels, monk and lightning tower should not be added to it.

  • Easy level -> No boosts at all in dungeons
  • Normal level -> Only boosts on troops, not on traps, towers and so on (easy reward times 2)
  • Intermediate level -> boosts on troops plus towers, no other ones (easy reward times three)
  • Expert level -> Troops fully boosted, including war boosts. (easy reward times 4)
  • Suicide level -> Even season boosts active there, every possible boost you can think of. (easy reward times 5)

Once you finish all dungeons of a level completely, it resets. It would solve two problems. First we would have a way to get pearls for bread and second, we have something to do with our time. Top ranked players can go for really tough challenges. Players who are active will have lots of fun and can also use those pearls at blacksmith.


There’s no balance in this game. Especially after the latest update. If that is the case,boredom will lead the game to the death. 

I agree the updating time is too long and especially on waves need to be dramatically shorter.

Yes,waves are the main problem as well. I don’t why an event for waves has never been done. However i think events won’t solve this problem. The problem is the basis of the latest update. The big amount of gold in the game is a consequence of this as well.

events should run the entire gap between wars instead of only two days.

I agree. And Flare should notify us about the event at least 3-4 days before,in order to make workers free.