Upgrades to RR

Héllo flare, I have been playing the game for more them 2 years . I have few friends that stopper to play a ready and few friends are thinking to stop to play the game as well . Somethimes I thing to stop as well . The game getting bore sometimes because we are xpend a lot coins to do one update and waiting for ages until get my next worker available for do one more upgrade . I have 9 workes, but never is enough .  You should reduce the days of each upgrade . Reduce the cost of each worker ! People will buy more workers !  Do something with the granny ! That old laid never brink something good for us ! I expend a lot reall money on this game , but  changes should be done . Please do not creat the real revolt 3 . ME and all friends will not play . Please keep updating the game . Do something good and different for us !! Thank you !!!