i have a lot of towers and workers^^ should i focus to lvl all up or should i focus to lvl like 4 towers to the max first? instead of lvl every tower to lvl 3 then 4 and so on?

I am still a beginner, so I can only talk about my strategies (might be right or wrong) :


Technologie limits our tower level to 3/6/9, so I would try to get each tower to level 3 first.

Then upgrade all tower to level 6 and so on.

Ice Tower upgrades aren’t really strong, so I put them on low priority.


If you are asking for the sequence of upgrades, this depends on the avaiable worker and daytime.

Currently its 17:45, if I can upgrade 2 tower with a building time of 4h & 2 tower with 8h, I would go for

the 4h and start the longer upgrades in the evening, before I go to bed.

But I guess this kind of organisation is common sense.



Castle guard waves are very important as well, make sure you upgrade them as well.


When choosing which particular tower needs to be upgraded first, I go like :

Firebolt > Blockade > Bomb > Barricade > Arrow > Ice

Dont use Fire or Poison tower yet, so don’t know about them.




Hope this could help you :slight_smile:

i have max technology though^^ my towers take at least 3 days to upgrade

I would suggest going for wave and spells first. Next probably troops types/upgrades. Then defensive structures.

For the structures, I suggest upgrading most expensive things with higher priority. If you manage to gather 3m gold, upgrade something that costs 3m or almost 3m.

Because you can always upgrade the cheaper things anytime when you gather only less money.

My strategy is: Highest cost first. 



upgrading all the towers to similar levels will cost you a lot at high levels, instead of upgrading your 1 top tower + few low level towers :slight_smile: