Upgrading Prestige

It would be nice to allow decorations to be upgraded without having to use jewels. You have a base of players that will always spend money on games but then those that just enjoy the challenge of building. Maybe allow decorations to be upgraded using money, wisdom and ambrosia.

And when i say money I mean coins accumulated through actual gameplay and success in battles, not actual currency from my wallet lol.

a lot of players have spent big amount of gems on decorations, i doubt you can upgrade decorations by just using gold

I agree that a lot of players have spent many gems in pursuit of this endeavor, but the question is does that mean that it is right or do we just like sheeple never express the idea?

Well, people have addressed their ideas about this a lot since the update that forced upgrading decorations by gems was released, nothing has changed though. However, they have made prestige be obtained more easily since then