Upgrading towers, one at a time or all at once?

For best utilization of precious windoes user gold, would it be more effective to focus on maxing one tower at a time, or equally upgrading them all. Like, get one firebolt tower to level 5 and put it in a good spot, or equally upgrade 4 firebolt towers to lvl 2.


Assume that I have all ‘good’ towers, skull fire and poison.


Thanks for any advice!

Not sure about the raw stats, but I guess you should try to get the most expensive upgrade that you can achieve in any particular raiding session, leaving some cheaper upgrades for less successful raiding sessions in the future.

Because when you do all the cheap upgrades first, then later you can only do either expensive ones or none at all.

i have found it best to upgrade them all as fast as possible, but i think it depends on your base design

Yea, that’s what Ive been doing so far. Only applies when I’m rolling free-no gold shield. I get as much as I can from one raid period, use free 3 hour shield, and one more raid period. I then upgrade whatever the most expensive thing I can at the time.

But im getting to a point where I cant upgrade anything with just that amount. Need to save gems for a real gold shield, and I’m getting more options on how to upgrade things.

Then I definitely suggest (if not done yet) to fully upgrade your farms+silo first (each capping at lvl 13), providing you with more food for every raiding session + shorter intervals between sessions.

Also some gold boost from items or your alliance can help gather larger sums.

And of course, sometimes an additional bought 3h or 1day gold shield might be necessary, but by the tips above (and other tips on various other topics) you might need less of those.

I would focus on one tower at a time whilst maxing up barricades. Unless you are aiming for a higher ranking which imo you don’t need to do until you have started maxing out your towers, so you probably want to focus on levelling up King and winning gems. Having a few higher level towers can help create a base which can generate gems.


I made the mistake of changing all my towers to be skull/fire bolt and at lv 1-3 they are rubbish. Particularly the skull towers. I don’t have max sonic blast or blade storm yet but even so these towers just crumble. so I am slowly trying to upgrade them all. I use my 1 & 3 day gold shields when I get the gems to upgrade 1 or 2 towers in key positions. Its slow progress but a good skull tower on the other side of a path near the beginning of the map can wipe out enemy troops unless they bring cannons. If you have arblasters and gargolyes in defence they can help to stop this.


Another tip is when you cant get enough gold for upgrades or you don’t have workers, keep playing to level up king and then burn money on granny. I have 10 spare slots. If I buy items 1m+ gold value (~10% return on selling) I have 1m gold protected in sellable items. I can do this once every week or so which helps to get higher value towers without using.

The mistake I made long ago and still didn’t correct knowingly is not maxing my blockades. They are all at level 8 or 9 only and I always end up upgrading the towers. I want all of them at level 5 or 6 atleast before I can think of maxing my blockades. But I know max blockades slow down the hero dramatically. Its a tough choice for me but I would still suggest to others to upgrade blockades first.

I agree desi, this was my first task…I had 6 workers working on blockades…and I got every blockades level 12 before have a level 3 tower…

Yea, I did this. Got all my towers to skull/fire/ and a couple poison. Thought I was hot shit finally getting all ‘top’ towers. Unfortunately, at lvl 1 for all of them heroes just tear through em like nothing.


Also doing the item thing right now, all my workers are busy =/

Btw when swapping a high level basic tower with a lvl1 skull/fb tower: If you think the old tower was better, just swap it back then! :slight_smile:

For example, I currently have a lvl 1 firebolt in my tower inventory, with some lvl9 arrow towers used in my defense. Won’t switch to the fb before the other fb towers are upgraded further.

Exactly! :wink:

Patience young pattawan

I suggest u to upgrade snake tower first of all to at least lvl 5 thn going for blokades.

the reason I snake towers are cheaper to upgrade.

When y have money

I like to prioritize my towers. For example, I have a Firebolt trap tower that even cannons can’t reach. So I always upgrade that before my other fb towers.

Also, I always try to get as much gold as possible per raiding session, and try to upgrade the most expensive things. For example, if I get 6M gold, I upgrade 2 FBs. If I get 3M gold, I upgrade 1 FB and 1 Blockade.