Upgrading Unique Items

I thought that all unique items were the same. 

I had Ajax’s GREAT SHIELD and I found another one. If I forge them with a 5 star titan item, they both come up to the same physical protection level, though they both upgrade to a different potency level. I thought upgrading unique items brought them inline with your current ascension level which would mean they should both come to the same potency level. What’s happening?


They’re all different. 

So is the first value the same and just the second value different?

Shields are slightly different in that they go to set values, but all items have a balance between base stat (the first number like phys resistance) and perk (potency in this case). But as stated above all uniques are different, I’ve had a few rotten golden apples and some good ones. 

Thanks. When I get my next duplicate unique, I’ll be checking for which is the better one to keep. In the past I’ve always been cursing the duplicate that I found so I’ll need to employ a new strategy moving forward. Thanks.

It’s always worth checking dupes and flagging the best one, but lately I just use the dupe if it’s higher level than my old one and I don’t upgrade them. It works fine. 

It is very hard to get a unique. Why would there be lesser unique items? This is just another money dump.