Upgrading your hero items

Maby its a good idee that we get a building were we could upgrade our hero items instead of waiting to buy a new item from granny or getting it in a raid.

neat idea but flare would need a p2w spin on it to like it probably

I kind of like the way RR2 hero items work now since it has more tradeoffs. In a tower defense/strategy game, tradeoffs are what make the strategy interesting. The way RR2 items work now, an item can only have one (or maybe two) special bonuses on it, forcing the player to choose which bonus to use. If the items could be upgraded, then probably each item would have separate ice, fire, poison, ect. bonuses that could all be upgraded, taking out the strategy behind which gear to use. This would also take away some of the individuality of the players’ kings, which is another good thing that RR2 has.


By the way, RR1 hero gear is upgradeable in a similar fashion to your idea. Just in case you’re curious.

he didn’t mention anything about changing how items work… he just wants to upgrade existing gear vs buying new


eg: spend gold +gems + pearls on an item your wearing to increase its current stats

items could have levels

grey cant upgrade

green upgrades once

blue upgrades twice

purple upgrades thrice

gold can go to level 5

So in your system you could either upgrade your existing gear or buy new gear… I like that system. :slight_smile:

Interesting suggestion… though might lead to “rich get richer” problems?

Those players having barely enough gems to buy a decent piece of equipment will also barely have enough gems to upgrade all their items. Those who have enough gems will just buy and upgrade every item to the max, getting even stronger and getting gems from leagues and gold from tougher enemies easier.


Still, waiting for months for a fitting granny offer is veeery tedious now, and often they pop up exactly when one is low at gems, so a way to upgrade existing gear sounds good.